2015 Undergraduate Research Poster Competition

Poster competition showcases exciting research

October 30, 2015 — From diabetic mice to 19th century music to humpback whales the Undergraduate Research Poster Competition covers a diverse range of topics. The annual competition took place on Thursday, October 29 with over 100 participants displaying their work in five different categories and vying for cash prizes. < more 


Applied Sciences:

1st – Andrew Laban (Mechanical Engineering)
Project: Investigating the Mixing Properties of Twin Jets Influenced by a Free Surface
Research Supervisor: Dr. Mark Tachie

2nd – Katie Whyte (Biosystems Engineering)
Project: Comparing nitrate reduction in wood chip bioreactors under saturated and unsaturated conditions
Research Supervisor: Dr. Sri Ranjan

3rd – Alexa McAdam (Biological Sciences)
Project: A comparison of methods to detect E. coli and coliform contamination of drinking water in First Nations communities
Research Supervisor: Dr. Annemieke Farenhorst

Creative Works:

1st – Madeline Rae (Fine Arts)
Project: In pursuit of the other: Our internal labyrinth
Research Supervisor: Ms. Dominique Rey

2nd – Rachel Dueck (Music)
Project: A journey to the late 19th century Europe: Exploration of music, literature, fine arts in Italy, France and Germany
Research Supervisor: Dr. Laura Loewen

3rd – Curtis Wiens (Education)
Project: Harmony through melody: Listening as an educational tool
Research Supervisor: Dr. Charles Horton

Health Sciences:

1st – Taylor Morriseau (Microbiology)
Project: High glucose impairs energy regulation in the diabetic mouse brain
Research Supervisors: Dr. Paul Fernyhough & Dr. Benedict Albensi

2nd – Rajas Tipnis (Biological Sciences)
Project: Co-inhibition of Xrcc1 and TDP1 chemosensitizes pediatric medulloblastoma
Research Supervisor: Dr. Sachin Katyal

3rd – Matthew Bernstein (Psychology)
Project: Gathering opinions on information needs and preferences: Samples and opinions in paper vs online surveys
Research Supervisor: Dr. John Walker

Natural Sciences:

1st – Mikala Epp (Biological Sciences)
Project: Let’s talk whale: Previously undescribed vocalizations of humpback whales on their North Atlantic foraging grounds
Research Supervisor: Dr. Gail Davoren

2nd – Yana Tyomkin (Geological Sciences)
Project: Modelling of bulk crustal properties of the North American mid-continental rift system, Minnesota and Wisconsin, USA, via Z-R transfer function analysis and H-k stacking
Research Supervisor: Dr Andrew Frederiksen

3rd -Viktoriya Vasylkiv (Psychology)
Project: Reorientation strategies of an Alzheimer’s mouse model
Research Supervisor: Dr. Debbie Kelly

Social Sciences:

1st – Jacquelyn Klassen (Psychology)
Project: Vowel discrimination in German/English and French/English bilingual infants
Research Supervisor: Dr. Melanie Soderstrom

2nd -Tyler Eschenwecker (Psychology)
Project: Knowledge of historical injustice improves feelings and attitudes towards harmed groups
Research Supervisor: Dr. Katherine Starzyk

3rd – James Urquhart (Social Work)
Project: Masculinities and older men in a community program
Research Supervisor: Dr. Corey Mackenzie