National Awards & Honours H-O

National Awards & Honours H-O
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Health Research Foundation – Medal of Honour
June 9 
The Medal of Honour is awarded to remarkable individuals whose research and/or contribution to public policies supportive of research and development in Canada have achieved international recognition. All recipients have made an extremely notable or pivotal contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the health sciences and/or the improvement of therapeutics healthcare. The award recipient receives $20,000 to donate to the research-based, Canadian academic institution of their choice, and also receives a medal at the Health Research Foundation’s annual awards event.

Humboldt Foundation – Konrad Adenauer Award
Deadline: Nominations may be submitted online at any time
The Award, created to promote academic collaboration between Canada and the Federal Republic of Germany, is available to be awarded annually to a Canadian scholar in the humanities or social sciences. The Award is presented to honour the scholar's entire academic record. The recipient is invited to carry out a research project of his/her choice in Germany, in cooperation with German colleagues, for a period of up to one year. The Award can amount up to EUR 60,000.

ImagineNATION Challenges – Data Impact Challenge
Deadline: November 15
The ImagineNation Challenges seek to inspire, provoke, and promote innovation in health and health care and foster a community of innovators in Canada.  While each ImagineNation Challenge is different, they all share the same ultimate goal: to improve the quality of care and the patient experience.  Launched in 2011, the ImagineNation Challenges have ranged from generating ideas to supporting adoption and use to measuring the impact of digital health in Canada.

Institute of Medicine of the National Academies
February 1
Each year, the IOM membership elects up to 70 new members and 10 foreign associates. Members are elected for their excellence and professional achievement in a field relevant to the IOM's mission and for their willingness to participate actively in its work.

IPAC/Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Awards
October 4
The IPAC/Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Awards program recognizes organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership by taking bold steps to improve Canada, through advancements in public policy and management.

IPAC – Vanier Medal
March 31
The Institute of Public Administration of Canada awards annually the Vanier Medal as a mark of distinction and exceptional achievement to a person who has shown distinctive leadership in public administration and public service in Canada, or who, by his/her writings or other endeavours, has made a significant contribution in the field of public administration or public service in Canada. A five member, independent panel of judges, appointed by the IPAC Board reviews all nominations and makes the final determination of the medal recipient. 

Manning Innovation Awards
All disciplines in the social sciences & humanities and all domains of creative arts
Value: $100,000 (Principal Award), $25,000 (Mitchell Award), $10,000 (Innovation Award)
Deadline: January 15
The Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation has been recognizing and encouraging innovation in Canada since 1982. By means of a nomination, Canadians who have demonstrated recent innovative talent in developing and successfully marketing a new concept, process or procedure, may be eligible for one of these awards:
• Principal Award ($100,000)
• David E. Mitchell Award of Distinction ($25,000)
• Innovation Awards (2 at $10,000)

Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health
Deadline: January 26, 2018
The Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health is an annual academic prize, valued at $50,000.  The prize recognizes a Canadian academic whose research has contributed to understanding how factors such as physical activity, nutrition, fitness, or psychosocial context can influence personal health and well-being, and whose work could have a positive impact on our health-related behaviours and lifestyle choices.

March of Dimes – Jonas Salk Award
Deadline: November 15
The Jonas Salk Award is presented annually to a Canadian scientist, physician or researcher who has made a new and outstanding contribution in science or medicine to prevent, alleviate or eliminate a physical disability.  The lifetime achievement award is jointly presented by Sanofi Pasteur (formerly known as Connaught Laboratories) and March of Dimes.  It also includes a personal financial tribute of $10,000 in recognition of the recipient's achievement.

The Margolese National Brain & Heart Disorders Prizes
Deadline: March 24
The two prizes, the Margolese National Brain Disorders Prize and the Margolese National Heart Disorders Prize, will be awarded annually to a Canadian physician or scientist who makes outstanding contributions to the treatment, amelioration, or cure of brain and heart disorders. The Prizes are awarded with the expectation that the recipients will continue to demonstrate excellence in their field of work.  Each prize is valued at $50,000.  

Medical Council of Canada - Outstanding Achievement Award in the Evaluation of Clinical Competence
Deadline: May 1
This prestigious award, presented annually, is unique in that its nominees and recipients come from a broad range of health disciplines, such as dentistry, physical therapy and medical practice. It recognizes a particularly important and vital contribution to health care in Canada – the evaluation of clinical and professional competence in the health professions.

NSERC - Awards for Science Promotion
September 1
The NSERC Awards for Science Promotion honour people and groups that are inspirational in the way they promote science to the general public. These awards are an opportunity for Canada's science community to recognize, support and encourage outstanding science promoters.

NSERC - Brockhouse Canada Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Engineering
 March 1
The Brockhouse Prize recognizes outstanding Canadian teams of researchers from different disciplines who have combined their expertise to produce achievements of outstanding international significance in the natural sciences and engineering in the last six years.  The prize is accompanied by a team research grant of $250,000, which may be used to support the direct costs of university-based research and/or the enhancement of research facilities.

NSERC - E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowships
June 7
Every year, NSERC awards up to six Steacie Fellowships that are held for a two-year period. Successful fellows are relieved of teaching and administrative duties, so that they can devote all their time and energy to research. Each Fellow receives a research grant of $250,000 and will be invited to submit an application to the Research Tools and Instruments Grants Program for equipment funding related to their Steacie research.

NSERC - Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering
March 1
The award celebrates Canada's most outstanding scientists and engineers, raising public awareness about the major contributions that Canada's top researchers make to international science and technology, and to improving the lives of Canadians.  In addition to the medal, the winner is guaranteed $1 million to use for personal university-based research or to direct in some related way, such as the establishment of research chairs in his or her name at Canadian universities.

NSERC - John C. Polanyi Award
March 1
The NSERC John C. Polanyi Award is given to an individual or team whose research, conducted in Canada, has led to a recent outstanding advance in any NSERC-supported field of the natural sciences or engineering. The research leading to the advance must have been funded at least partially by an NSERC grant. The award is open to all researchers, regardless of their career stage. As part of the award, the winning individual or team will receive a research grant of $250,000.

NSERC – Synergy Awards
April 18
The Synergy Awards recognize partnerships in natural sciences and engineering research and development between universities and industry.  By working together, award-winning companies and universities have proven that effective partnerships are the foundation of achievement. The universities each receive a $200,000 NSERC research grant. Industrial partners each receive the prestigious Synergy sculpture and an opportunity to hire an NSERC Industrial R&D Fellow for two years (NSERC will bear the cost of the industrial portion of the fellow’s salary).

Order of Canada
The Order of Canada is the centrepiece of Canada’s honours system and recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation. The Order recognizes people in all sectors of Canadian society. Their contributions are varied, yet they have all enriched the lives of others and made a difference to this country.