National Awards & Honours D-G

National Awards & Honours D-G
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The Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals (Ontario) – Award of Merit
July 31
The Award has been given annually to distinguished Chinese Canadians with outstanding professional achievements. The award is valued at $2,500.

Friends of CIHR & Canadian Academy of Health Sciences – Henry Friesen International Prize in Health Research
Deadline: January 12
The Henry G. Friesen International Prize in Health Research is presented in recognition of the distinguished leadership, vision and innovative contributions of Dr. Henry G. Friesen. The prize supports an annual Public Lecture at a major Canadian academic institution. Through the partnership of CBC Radio One “Ideas”, a recorded interview is broadcast nationally to reach the broadest possible audience. A manuscript is also published in the “Friesen Prize Lecture” series.  Members from the Health Sciences community are encouraged to submit nominations for anyone they feel would be deserving of the Prize. Nominees will be those with vision who have had an impact in health research and health research policy at an international level.

Fulbright Canadian Visiting Research Chairs Program
  November 15
Canada-U.S. Fulbright Visiting Research Chairs enable promising and prominent Canadian scholars, as well as experienced professionals to conduct research, develop collaborations, guest lecture and/or teach at select American universities and research centres, normally for one semester, though this may be extended to a full academic year. In addition, successful candidates will have the opportunity to deliver public lectures, give seminar presentations, participate in conferences and otherwise contribute to ongoing research activities at the host institution.

Fulbright Traditional Scholar Awards
November 15
Traditional Fulbright Scholar awards for Canadian scholars are open to scholars in all fields (excluding medical training) and are designed to enable emerging and established scholars, post-doctoral researchers and experienced professionals to conduct research, teach, or undertake a combination of both activities for one semester or a full academic year at a university or research centre of their choice in the United States. Applicants must have completed the requirements for their doctoral (or equivalent) degree by February 1 in the year following the application deadline.

Fulbright - US Programs, University of Manitoba Research Chair in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math 
Deadline: August 1
This award allows a successful US candidate to conduct research, develop collaborations and guest lecture within a designated faculty at the University of Manitoba for one semester (four months).  While in residence at the University, the candidate receives a payment of $25,000 from Fulbright Canada to cover expenses such as travel, housing, etc.   Fulbright then invoices the University for the $25,000 to cover these expenses.  Therefore, the host faculty at the University of Manitoba is responsible for providing the $25,000US to support the expenses of the successful US visiting chair.  Fulbright asks that the host faculty also provide a suitable office space and basic professional services for the visiting chair.

Gairdner Foundation - Global Health Award
Deadline: October 1
The John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award recognizes the world’s top scientists who have made outstanding achievements in Global Health Research.  Nominees should be individuals who have made major scientific advances with a significant impact on health outcomes in the developing world. Gairdner invites the scientific community to nominate qualified scientists from any branch of global health. The award is science-focused, and is not intended for those with primarily leadership and administrative accomplishments. The Prize consists of $100,000 CDN, a framed citation and a commemorative item.

Gairdner Foundation - International Award
Deadline: October 1
The Canada Gairdner International Award recognizes outstanding biomedical scientists who have made original contributions to medicine with the goal of contributing through research to increased understanding of human biology and disease. Nominees should be individuals whose “seminal discoveries and major scientific contributions constitute an original and significant achievement in biomedical science.” The Prize consists of $100,000 CDN, a framed citation and a commemorative item.

Gairdner Foundation - Wightman Award
Deadline: October 1
The Canada Gairdner Wightman Award recognizes exceptional leadership in Canadian medical science. Nominees should also have a high level sustained research career in a biomedical discipline. It is awarded for:

  • Individual accomplishment and leadership in a specific field of biomedical sciences (basic, clinical, population health) in Canada and/or original and sustained contributions to that field at an internationally recognized level.
  • Institutional academic and scientific leadership in Canada leading to the establishment and development of biomedical research in Canada and internationally

The Prize consists of $100,000 CDN, a framed citation and a commemorative item.

Governor General’s Innovation Awards
Deadline: November 15
In today’s globally competitive and interconnected world, increasing productivity through the creation of new products and services, improving public sector performance, and building an inclusive, compassionate society will be the keys to Canada’s success as a caring, efficient and prosperous nation. The purpose, therefore, of the Governor General’s Innovation Award is to inspire Canadians to embrace innovation and to emulate innovative, entrepreneurial risk-takers that have developed new or better ways of creating value and that are having a meaningful impact on our quality of life.

Graham Boeckh Foundation – Dr. Samarthji Lal Award
Deadline: January 31
The Dr. Samarthji Lal award will recognize a researcher working in a Canadian institution in the area of psychiatry, with a focus on major mental disorders, who is mid-career and making an outstanding contribution to the field. The recipient will demonstrate excellence in scientific rigor, excellence and promise in research outcomes (contributing to the ultimate goal of bringing hope and relief to patients), and innovative, “out-of-the-box” thinking. The award is valued at $25,000.