Visiting Student Researchers or Interns

Visiting International Student Researchers/Interns (VSR/VISRI) are students at other international institutions who come to the University of Manitoba, at the invitation of a faculty member, in order to conduct research. These students:

  • Are not enrolled in any courses at the U of M
  • Are conducting research work at the U of M, which is usually intended to fulfill their degree program requirements at their home university
  • May be paid by scholarship programs available through their home country government or the Canadian government

If you would like to invite a Visiting Student Researcher or Intern, please contact the International Partnership Officer for the region for information on the process.



Tara Cleve (On Leave)
Team Lead, Partnerships & Mobility
(204) 474-6836 

Asia & Oceania
Kennis Fung
International Partnership Officer

Anna Polonyi
International Partnership Officer
(204) 474-6835 

Americas, Middle East & Africa
Cameron Zywina
International Partnership Officer
(204) 474-6418