Visiting Student Researchers or Interns

Visiting International Student Researchers/Interns (VSR/VISRI) are students at other international institutions who come to the University of Manitoba, at the invitation of a faculty member, in order to conduct research. These visitors:

  • Are not enrolled in any courses at the U of M
  • Are conducting research work at the U of M, which is usually intended to fulfill their degree program requirements at their home university
  • May be paid by scholarship programs available through their home country government or the Canadian government

For VISRI who need immigration support:

An Immigration Consultant is currently being hired for the University of Manitoba. Until the new hire is in place, immigration support to Visiting International Student Researchers/Interns has been paused.

Faculty members wishing to invite VISRI should be aware that immigration paperwork will not be processed by the University of Manitoba until September.

Once the University has submitted this paperwork, IRCC processing times for permits will apply. VISRS should plan the timeline for their trip to the University of Manitoba accordingly.

For VISRI with completed immigration paperwork:

After arrival in Canada, please e-mail with your letter of invitation and work permit attached, to receive:

  • A sponsored computer account
  • A library card and access to online resources
  • Information about living in Winnipeg

For Faculty hosts of VISRI with completed immigration paperwork:

The visiting student must complete and submit a Release and Indemnification form(IV9.a) to their host department before arriving on campus.

The host department must keep a copy of all paperwork for six years, as required by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), as the University can be audited for compliance with the law.