Grocery and Specialty Food Stores in Winnipeg

There are many places to purchase groceries (food items) convenient to where you live. Popular grocery stores in Winnipeg include Sobeys, Co-op, Safeway, Superstore and Walmart. Superstore on Bison Drive has a range of foods from all over the world.

Small convenience stores and gas stations, such as 7-11, can be very expensive to purchase groceries. The cost of these items is significantly more expensive than larger grocery stores.

To find grocery stores near the University of Manitoba, visit

Specialty Food Stores in Winnipeg

If you cannot find what you’re looking for at a major grocery store, you can visit a specialty food store.

Name of Store Address/Phone  Comments
African Foods General Wholesale 245 Notre Dame Ave
(204) 414-9226
Specialize in foods from a variety of African countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, etc.
Akin’s  International Foods 550 Sargent Ave.
(204) 779-8666
African, Caribbean foods. Specialize in pounded yam, Ogi/Koko/Akamu, stockfish, Moin-Moin, cassava leaves etc.
Arirang Oriental Food Mart 1799 Portage Ave.
(204) 831-1212
Specialize in Japanese and Korean foods
Balkan Foods 185 Stadacona  St
(204) 663-1445
Specialize in foods from Poland, Greece, Bosnia, and Italy
Baltona Meat and Deli 600 Selkirk Ave.
(204) 586-8621
Specialize in Polish foods, meats, cosmetics, sweets, and herbs
Bueno Bros Supermarket 84 Isabel St.
(204) 786-2800
Specialize in Philippine foods and other   Asian foods: seafood, meats, vegetables, rice, sauces, spices, noodles, etc.
Didar Grocery Mart 110 Adamar Rd. 
(204) 275-6060
East Indian and Canadian foods
Dino’s Grocery Mart 460 Notre Dame Ave. 
(204) 942-1526
Import foods from around the world, especially from India, Pakistan, other Asian countries, and the West Indies
Dong Thai Ltd. 459 Notre Dame Ave. 
(204) 943-9868
Specialize in Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Laotian, Latin American, Thai, and Vietnamese imported foods
El Izalco Market 696 Sargent  Ave. 
(204) 779-7092
Specialize in Central American food
A l’Epi de Blé 1757 Main St. 
(204) 334-2526
French Bakery
Greek Market 1440 Corydon Ave. 
(204) 488-6161
Greek foods: olives, olive oil, pitas, desserts
Halal Meats and Specialty Foods 206 Maryland St. 
(204) 774-8095
Specialize in foods from Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Somalia, and Pakistan
India Spice House and Video 66 Mandalay Dr. 
(204) 261-4600
Specialize in East Indian food and spices
La Grotta Del Formaggio 550 Sargent Ave. 
(204) 775-0691
Italian and Greek foods
La Grotta Mediterranean Market 1360 Taylor Ave. 
(204) 982-9461
Specialized in Mediterranean foods
Lucky's Supermarket 1051 Winnipeg Ave. 
(204) 272-8011
Specialize in food from all over Asia such as Vietnam, China, Philippines, Japan, Korea, Thailand
Lvov Euro Food Corner 5B-140 Meadowood Dr. 
(204) 783-8777
Offer a variety of food and delicatessen from Europe. Specialize in products from Russian and Ukraine
Meghna Grocery 1741 Pembina Hwy. 
(204) 261-4222
Halal meats, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Arabian, Indian, and Sri Lankan  groceries
Mercadito Latino 570 Sargent Ave. 
(204) 415-2870
Specialize in Latin American foods
Oriental Market 268 King St. 
(204) 943-4103
Chinese foods, meat, vegetables, seafood
Portuguese Fish and Food Market 460 William Ave. 
(204) 943-8793
Specialize in Portuguese foods, some Brazilian and Chilean foods
Russian Deli Market 643 Portage Ave. 
(204) 774-1041
Specialize in products from Russia and Ukraine
Sangam Grocery Mart 1-933 McLeod Ave. 
(204) 668-6248
Specialize in food from India
Sun Wah Supermarket 303 King St. 
(204) 944-9162 
Specialize in frozen seafood, live lobster and crab, and Asian groceries
Taste of Europe 1052 Main St. 
(204) 582-6999
Wide range of products from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, and Israel
The Real Canadian Superstore 1578 Regent Ave.
(204) 654-5500
1035 Gateway Rd.
(204) 987-7329
215 St Anne’s Rd.
(204) 258-2401
2132 McPhillips St.
(204) 631- 6250
3193 Portage Ave.
(204) 831-3500
550 Kenaston Blvd.
(204) 488-5800
80 Bison Dr.
(204) 275-4100
1385 Sargent Ave.
(204) 784-7901
Wide assortment of specialty foods
Tindahan Food Mart 906 Sargent Ave. 
(204) 783-3946
Specialize in Philippine foods and some Portuguese foods
Wah Hing Grocery 106 -  180 King St. 
(204) 943-6878
Chinese foods, some meats and vegetables, spices, noodles, rice, cooking  tools
Young’s Market 1000 McPhillips St. 
(204) 957-1088
Specialize in food from Philippines, China, and Thailand; some food from Japan and Korea
Young’s Trading 397 William Ave. 
(204) 957-0230
Specialize in food from Philippines, China, and Thailand; some food from Japan and Korea