Partnership Agreements

International Partnership Agreements

University of Manitoba faculties benefit from informal collaboration with international colleagues that do not require the University’s official commitment through a formal agreement. However, when collaboration requires more wide-spread involvement, or when faculties wish to ensure that international cooperation extends beyond their own involvement, a formal agreement may be required. 

The International Centre facilitates international agreements with faculty units where mobility of faculty, staff and students is the core initiative of the relationship between partners. Mobility objectives are related to academic, research and service objectives between partner institutions.

What are the Types of International Agreements supported by the International Centre?

Active International Partnership Agreements 

Partnership Agreement Process Milestones

  1. Contact the International Centre (IC) to clarify agreement process.
  2. Submit Request for Agreement Form (pdf) (RFA) to IC for review.
  3. RFA internal review and approval
  4. RFA is approved - IC works with faculty unit and partner on agreement development
  5. Agreement is finalized, approved and signed by all parties/institutions
  6. Fully executed copy of the agreement is provided to the faculty unit, the IC and the University’s legal counsel
  7. Expiry – the agreement review process is triggered by the IC prior to agreement expiry.

For questions or information on how to proceed with an international agreements please contact the relevant International Partnership Officer for assistance.

Key Factors for a Successful International Partnership

  • Academic Foundation - Successful partnerships are based on the academic objectives of the University, therefore the support of your colleagues, faculty dean, and the University’s administration is very important.
  • Diverse Network of Support - A broad-based commitment that goes beyond the interests of an individual faculty member or student makes for a stronger, more sustainable international partnership.
  • Balance - Successful international partnerships are ones in which all participating institutions experience a satisfactory level of benefit. When designing the partnership and negotiating any agreements, ensure that each partner is both contributing to and benefiting from the partnership.
  • Consultation –The International Centre has a wealth of experience and resources which can be of great assistance to University of Manitoba faculty and staff interested in initiating an international partnership.


Tara Cleve (On Leave)
Team Lead, Partnerships & Mobility
(204) 474-6836

Asia & Oceania
Kennis Fung
International Partnership Officer

Anna Polonyi
International Partnership Officer
(204) 474-6835 

Americas, Middle East & Africa
Cameron Zywina
International Partnership Officer
(204) 474-6418


Request for Agreement Form (pdf)

Types of Agreements