5 Key Factors for a Successful International Partnership

  1. An Academic Foundation - Successful partnerships are based on the academic objectives of the university, therefore the support of your colleagues, faculty dean, and the University’s administration is very important.

  2. A Diverse Network of Support - A broad-based commitment that goes beyond the interests of an individual faculty member or student makes for a stronger, more sustainable international partnership.  Using the Request for International Agreement form early in the process to inform your faculty about your plans and objectives will help to create buy-in and a network for the partnership.

  3. A Plan - Every agreement, other than a Memorandum of Understanding, must name an ‘agreement administrator.’  The agreement administrator will be responsible for submitting reports on agreement activities annually. 

  4. Balance - Successful international partnerships are ones in which all participating institutions experience a satisfactory level of benefit.  When designing the partnership and negotiating any agreements ensure that each partner is both contributing to and benefiting from the partnership.

  5. Consultation –The International Office has a wealth of experience and resources which can be of great assistance to University of Manitoba faculty and staff interested in initiating an international partnership.  Please contact IO to discuss how we can support your ideas.