International Partnership Agreements

Many faculty members benefit from informal collaboration with international colleagues that do not require the UM’s official commitment through a formal agreement.  However, when collaboration requires more wide-spread involvement, or when faculty members wish to ensure that international cooperation extends beyond their own involvement a formal agreement may be useful.

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) - An agreement between institutions which is often the first step toward institutional collaboration.  An MOU spells out mutual expectations and identifies possible areas of collaboration, such as faculty and student exchanges, joint conferences or research, without committing to specific activities.

  • Student Exchange Agreement (SEA) - An agreement that allows for a reciprocal and balanced movement of students to and from the University of Manitoba. Students pay tuition fees to their home institutions for courses taken while on exchange and may study at the host institution for up to a maximum of 1 academic year.

  • Faculty Exchange Agreement - An agreement that describes the respective commitments by faculty units to enable movement of faculty members between two institutions.  This agreement will commonly provide details on funding available, travel costs, provision of accommodation or research facilities, salary/remuneration, reporting, and possible areas of responsibility while on exchange.

  • Research & Development Collaboration Agreement - An agreement between institutions used to develop research and development collaboration in a specific area including the terms and conditions of collaboration.  All Research and development agreements are finalized through the Office of Research Services.

  • Articulation Agreements are University of Manitoba Senate approved bilateral or multi-lateral agreements, between the University of Manitoba and other recognized post-secondary institutions that define the terms and conditions for consideration of admission and recognition of prior learning within the context of specific programs or credentials.  Upon successful admission students may receive established credit within a program at the University of Manitoba, which shortens the path to the credential (typically a three-year or four-year degree) that is ultimately sought.  Please see the UM Articulation Agreement webpage for information on how to propose an articulation agreement.

  • Post Graduate Training Agreement - An agreement that describes the terms and conditions by which it is possible for students who have graduated from an approved program abroad are allowed to come to Manitoba to complete their post graduate medical (residency) training.

  • Program Service Provider Agreement - An agreement that describes the terms and conditions by which the University of Manitoba will provide a specialized program of service for a stated purpose.

  • Partnership Conference Agreement - An agreement that describes the respective responsibilities between institutions that are working in cooperation to hold a joint conference on a regular basis (annually, biennially, semi-annually, etc).

For information on Getting Started with an agreement visit Getting Started page.