Innovation Plaza

Innovation Plaza honours the most distinguished researchers, scholars and creators at the University of Manitoba.  Located on the south lawn of the Buller Building at Auld Place, the heart of Innovation Plaza will be a series of commemorative busts that acknowledge and celebrate great researchers, scholars and creators who have greatly enriched society and contributed significantly to the social, cultural or economic well-being of Canada and/or the world. Persons will be recognized in a public ceremony by installation of a bust in the Innovation Plaza.

The plaza was launched on August 22, 2013 with the unveiling of a bust of Dr. Baldur Stefansson, the first inductee. The installation was sponsored by the Richardson Foundation.

Nomination Criteria

Persons to be recognized in Innovation Plaza must have demonstrated sustained excellence and global impact and influence through a body of research, scholarly works or creative activities conducted as an academic staff member at the University of Manitoba. The exceptional quality of their research, scholarly works or creative activities must have greatly enriched society and significantly contributed to social, cultural, economic and/or intellectual life in Canada and/or internationally.

Persons nominated for recognition must have been academic staff members (including GFTs, excluding adjunct professors and nil-salaried appointees) of the University of Manitoba.  Nominations can only be made posthumously.

The Chair of the Selection Committee reserves the right to rule on the eligibility of nominees.

Nomination Process

Candidates may be nominated by any individual or group by February 1st of each year and sent to or mail to:

Dr. Digvir Jayas
Vice-President (Research and International)
Room 207 Admin Building
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2  Canada

Nominations must include:

1. A brief one-paragraph (less than 200 words) description of the nominator's background;

2.  A letter or document of up to four pages (typed single-spaced using no less than 12 points size in Times New Roman or equivalent font with no less than 1 inch margin on all sides) that clearly describes the nominee's achievements and how they demonstrate one or more of the following:

• sustained excellence;
• global impact and influence;
• enrichment of society;
• contributions to social, cultural, economic and/or intellectual life in Canada and/or internationally;

3. The nominee's CV should include detailed information about the contributions and achievements described in the above categories along with relevant information over the entire career of the nominee (in the event a CV is not available for the nominee, the Committee may consider equivalent documentation); and

4. The names and addresses (including e-mail addresses) of the five most important people in the nominee's field (the majority should come from the international community) from whom the Selection Committee Chair may request objective assessments of the nominee's suitability for the recognition. A brief one-paragraph description of each person's background and the rationale for the person's suitability as a referee must be supplied.

The evaluation of the contributions of the nominees depends heavily on the quality of information supplied.  Therefore, nominations should be accurate, detailed, and complete to reflect the nominee’s accomplishments.

Selection Process

A multi-disciplinary Selection Committee made up of distinguished individuals from academia as well as community leaders from Manitoba and beyond will select individuals to be recognized in the Innovation Plaza. The Selection Committee will be appointed by the President and chaired by the Vice-President (Research and International).