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Researcher's Lists

These lists are provided to assist interested students to identify a professor working in the area of their interest. They are not exhaustive or exclusive. Professors do not need to be listed in order to be eligible to supervise students for the purposes of this award. You may interview any eligible professor (full-time University of Manitoba faculty, not adjunct professors or instructors) not just the professors listed here.

Agricultural and Food Sciences (pdf)
Architecture (pdf)
Arts (pdf)
Asper (pdf)
Biochemistry and Medical Genetics (pdf)
Biological Sciences (pdf)
Biosystems Engineering (pdf)
Chemistry (pdf)
Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources (pdf)
CoA_Undergrad Research Award Opportunities 2018 (pdf)
Community Health Sciences(pdf)
Computer Science (pdf)
Dentistry (pdf)
Education (pdf)
Human Anatomy and Cell Science (pdf)
Kinesiology and Recreation Management (pdf)
Medical Microbiology (pdf)
Microbiology (pdf)
Nursing (pdf)
Pharmacy (pdf)
Pharmacology and Therapeutics (pdf)
Physics (pdf)
Physiology and Pathophysiology (pdf)
Statistics (pdf)