Undergraduate Research Award‐FAQ’s

The Undergraduate Research Award (URA) is open to all full‐time University of Manitoba
undergraduate students.

  • Full‐time U of M students (must be enrolled in 24 credit hours at the voluntary withdrawal date)
  • Minimum degree GPA of 3.0 based on all credits completed at the time of application
  • Cannot be held in conjunction with other competitive awards such as the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s Undergraduate Research Summer Award.
  • Students who will be graduating in the Spring (May convocation) in which this award is tenable will not be eligible for the award.
  • This award cannot be held more than twice by any recipient during their undergraduate program(s) at the University of Manitoba.
  • To be eligible to supervise students under this award, professors must be full‐time University of Manitoba faculty (Adjunct professors and Instructors are not eligible)

I am currently enrolled in 21 credit hours at the voluntary withdrawal date. That is considered fulltime in my program. Am I eligible?

No. To be considered full‐time for the purposes of this award, you must be registered in a total of 24 credit hours over the Fall and Winter terms. The only exception to this is students enrolled in a full-time Co-op program.

The professor I want to work with is an Instructor. Are they eligible?

No. To be eligible, they must be full‐time faculty. Research is not a significant element of the job of instructors and are therefore, not eligible for this program.

I will not be available for the full 16 weeks this summer. Can I take the award for just part of the summer or take vacation during the award period?

No. You must be available for the full 16 weeks, which runs from May until August.

My professor will not be available for the full 16 weeks this summer. Can I still apply to work with him for the period of time he is here?

No. The professor must be able to commit to the full 16 weeks.

My professor has had an emergency come up and can no longer supervise me for this award. I have already been awarded. What do I do?

Students must receive approval from our office for any changes to their award experience. For example, if you are no longer able to be supervised by the professor listed on your application you must receive approval for any changes.

I am a student at the University of Manitoba, and I am registered with student accessibility services. I am in 18 credit hours, but that is considered full time for me. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. If you can provide documentation to us that you are registered with Accessibility services, you will still be eligible with a reduced course‐load.

I am a student at another academic institution but I would like to apply to work with a University of Manitoba professor over the summer. Am I eligible.

No, you must be currently enrolled full‐time in an undergraduate program at the University of

My research will involve travel (off‐campus/overseas). Is there anything special that I need to do?

Yes. You will need to sign an appropriate travel waiver. You should indicate the details of the off‐campus travel on your acceptance form. If you will be travelling overseas, we recommend looking into travel insurance.

I am a student at the Université de Saint-Boniface.  Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, students from Université de Saint-Boniface are eligible to apply for an Undergraduate Research Award because the Université de Saint-Boniface is an affiliated college of the University of Manitoba.