Deadline to submit an application is January 25, 2019 and applications should contain:

  1. Completed URA application form  
  2. Electronic scan or pdf of current Aurora online transcript
  3. Three summary paragraphs: two 150 word summaries on the two professors interviewed and one 250 word rational of your choice
  4. Email these to:  We look forward to receiving your application material. Good luck!

Applicants for the University of Manitoba Undergraduate Research Award will be given conditional notification of award during the first week of March, with final confirmation being sent the first week of April. Submissions will be adjudicated by a committee appointed by the Vice-President (Research and International).

After receiving notification, each award recipient should contact their chosen professor to provide a 250 word (maximum) abstract of the research program, specifying how you will fit with and augment their research program. In cases where a student’s work is not directly linked to the professor’s research, scholarly work or creative activity the professor must indicate how they will ensure that you are being mentored in the area and discipline as an undergraduate researcher. Please fill in the URA Acceptance Form providing all required information, sign it and have your professor sign it. The signed form must be submitted by April 29th, 2019 to release your award.

Send completed application to:

Undergraduate Research Award
c/o Sarah Vanderveen
Assistant to the AVP Research and the AVP Partnerships
(204) 474-7952