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Revised: Application deadline is January 26, 2018

Wondering what to do next summer? Experience Research

Why not experience research with a professor at your own university?  Professors at the University of Manitoba, through their research, scholarly work and creative activities are contributing to the cultural, economic, health and social well-being of the citizens of Manitoba, Canada and the world. Professors work individually or in teams to analyze challenging and complex issues to make our lives better and more meaningful.  They collectively bring more than $160 million from external sources, on a competitive basis, to support their research, scholarly work and creative activities and to nurture young minds to become trailblazers, pioneers, and innovators.

This award experience allows students to be mentored full-time with a professor of their choice for 16 weeks, to receive a $7,000.00 award, and to gain valuable experience in their field of interest. This year we are pleased to offer 172 awards and we have dedicated up to ten awards to Indigenous students and up to two awards for community-based research projects.