A Quick Guide to Writing for The Conversation Canada

The Conversation Canada is a daily independent online publication, delivering analysis and explanatory journalism from the academic and research community directly to the public. It’s a not-for-profit collaboration, where professional editors works directly with academics and researchers to publish articles for a wide audience. All of the content is published under Creative Commons, which means major and specialty publications around the world use our content with full attribution to the author and their university.

What types of stories are we looking for?

Most of The Conversation articles fall into one of these categories:

  • timely, evidence-based analysis of issues making the news.
  • timeless, plain English ‘explainers’ of complex issues.

Who can write?

To be a lead author on an article, you must be a current researcher or academic. Associate, adjunct or honorary roles with universities are usually fine. PhD candidates are also eligible. We don’t publish undergraduate students or masters candidates, unless they are writing as a co-author with a senior scholar. Authors can only write about their areas of expertise.

How to submit an article

The first step is to register as an author. After that is done, our website has a simple “pitch” form (sign in to access) that asks authors to briefly summarize their idea. Once submitted, the pitch is sent to the appropriate editor for consideration.

What happens next?

Once the editors at The Conversation have received your pitch, they will respond within 48 hours and let you know if we like your idea. If so, the editor will send you an email that contains a link that allows you to submit the full story into our editorial system. Most authors write the story in Word and then cut and paste it into the system. Our editorial system allows for collaborative and transparent editing. The editor will send you email updates about the progress of your story. Authors must also do a final approval before the article can be published.

After publication

All authors have access to an individual analytics dashboard that shows how often the article has been viewed, what publications have published it, where it’s been viewed around the world and other information.

Any further questions

Contact Scott White, Editor of The Conversation, at scott.white@theconversation.com or 416-388-5468

Or Janine.Harasymchuk@umanitoba.ca 204-474-7300