Tony Szturm
Dr. Tony Szturm, BSc (PT), PhD (Neurophysiology)

Associate Professor
Department of Physical Therapy

Clinical Areas of Interest & Current Research

  • Postural Control and Locomotion in health and disease. The basis of this research is in the Neurophysiology, Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Science of Motor control, in particular, characterization of motor strategies and neural mechanisms underlying regulation of dynamic balance (total body stability) during standing and walking across the lifespan, child development, adults, and aging effects.
  • Primary aim is to better understand the level of neuromuscular plasticity after neurologic injury and the neural mechanisms responsible for functional recovery, for example, walking ability and general activity levels.
  • Evaluation of the limitations in postural steadiness and balance recovery following stroke and other traumatic brain injuries.
  • Analysis of fall risk and fear of falling during walking in the elderly. This includes evaluation of postural steadiness and balance recovery/adjustments during human walking.
  • Evaluation of novel approaches to balance and locomotor re-training in individuals with stroke, traumatic brain injury and incomplete spinal cord injury.

Teaching Fields:

  • Research Methods
  • Neurosciences
  • PT Management of Neurological Disorders



Ph: (204) 787-4794

Fax: (204) 787-1227