Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy (BRT) Program
Program Overview

The respiratory therapy program is a four-year program leading to a Bachelor's degree in Respiratory Therapy (BRT). The first year is the pre-professional year, which is spent in University 1. During this time students must take 24 credit hours of courses consisting of prerequisite courses plus electives of the student's choice.

The professional program consists of three years of full-time studies in the division of Respiratory Therapy. It consists of the following coursework:

Year I

Year II

Year III

  • Clinical Education in Pediatric Respiratory Care (RESP 3320)
  • Clinical Education in Pulmonary Diagnostics (RESP 3350)
  • Clinical Education in Anesthesia (RESP 3360)
  • Clinical Education in Community Care (RESP 3370)
  • Clinical Education in Critical Care (RESP 3410)
  • Clinical Education in Neonatal Care (RESP 3420)
  • Clinical Education in General Therapeutics (RESP 3430)
  • Current Topics in Respiratory Therapy (RESP 3440)

A Degree Completion Option is available for qualified individuals currently holding a diploma in Respiratory Therapy.