FAQ About the Applicant Pool

How many people typically apply?


The number of students applying each year typically varies between 50 and 70 applicants per year.

How many students will you accept into the program?

16 students are admitted to the Respiratory Therapy program each Fall. 


Are any seats reserved for Canadian Indigenous candidates?

Individuals who meet the Special Consideration Category requirements will be given priority for up to 3 of the seats available in the year of application. For more information on this category please visit the RT Application Information Bulletin and the College of Rehabilitation Sciences website.
Are any seats reserved for out-of-province or international candidates?

This program does not hold spots for out-of province/international candidates. Our Selection Committee selects applicants based on the following priority system:

First Priority: Manitoba Residents
Second Priority: Canadian citizens or permanent residents from the rest of Canada
Third Priority: Applicants outside of Canada who are sponsoring by their own government or an international agency

The Selection Committee may give consideration to applicants with academic excellence notwithstanding the above priorities. 

What was the cut-off Grade Point Average (GPA) last year?

The minimum AGPA for an admitted Manitoba Category 1 applicant to our Fall 2018 term was 3.69.  The average AGPA for Category 1, Manitoba applicants offered admission was 3.95.