FAQs About Applying

When are Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy applications accepted and when is the application deadline?

Respiratory Therapy on-line applications open with Undergraduate Admissions during the month of November in the year prior to entry. The application deadline is April 1st in the year of entry.

When does the program start?

The Respiratory Therapy program begins in the fall. Winter and summer intakes are not available.


How long does the program take?


The Bachelor of Respiratory Therapy (BRT) is a three year undergraduate program, after the prerequisite year, for a total of four years.


Is there the possibility of taking the program on a part-time basis?

This is a full-time program there is not a part-time option.


Do I need to have relevant volunteer and/or work experience for the BRT program?


While job-shadowing and/or volunteering is not a requirement of admission, it is highly encouraged to ensure that this is the right career choice for you.


Do I need letters of recommendation?

No. Letter of recommendation are not needed for this program.


How are students selected for the BRT program?

Criteria for selection including AGPA calculations and application categories are outlined in the Department of Respiratory Therapy Application Information Bulletin. The AGPA calculation is used to select applicants who will be offered an interview. An overall score is calculated based on 1/3 interview results and 2/3 AGPA. The Selection Committee meets to consider applicants from each category of admission based on their overall score and rank.


What if I am currently taking courses at the time of the application deadline, can I still apply?


If you are still taking courses you can apply to the BRT program. An interim University or College transcript is needed at the time of application. The deadline for final official complete transcripts is included in the Application Bulletin.


Only applicants who have completed all of the admission requirements by the end of the April examination period of the year of application will be considered in the final selection process. This includes the successful completion of 24 credit hours of university studies and the required prerequisite courses. Each application category has minimum grade requirements for prerequisite courses and a minimum AGPA requirement. 


How can I find out more information about the Respiratory Therapy program at the University of Manitoba?


Attend the annual College of Medical Rehabilitation Open House, hosted jointly by current students and faculty. The next Open House will be held Sunday, January 20, 2019, Brodie Centre, 727 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 


Attend career fairs where information on Respiratory Therapy is available. For a list of career fairs and information sessions, visit our CoRS Information Sessions/Events on our website. Check the Respiratory Therapy website for updates.


Contact the College of Rehabilitation Sciences at CORS.RTprogram@umanitoba.ca if you have any questions that could not be answered by our web site.


How can I learn about the profession and potential employment opportunities in the area of Respiratory Therapy?

University of Manitoba students can contact the Career Mentor Program to arrange to meet with a Respiratory Therapist


Learn more about the profession by looking through the Student Counselling and Career Centre’s information on Respiratory Therapy 


Visit Respiratory Therapy related web sites such as the Manitoba Association of Registered Respiratory Therapists and the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists.


What are the tuition fees for the program?

Please visit here for information on tuition fees.