Our Researchers
r Ruth Barclay
Post-Stroke, Older Adults, Health-Related Quality of Life
r Louise Chartrand
Primary care, Chronic disorder, Indigenous health, STS, Hospital ethnography, Death and Dying and Palliative care
eg Mohamed-Amine Choukou
Smart Technology, evaluation, training, social participation
Lisa Engel
Financial management, well-being and empowerment, Cognitive functioning and impairment, Daily Activities and Social Participation
eg Ed Giesbrecht
Occupational therapy, clinical practice, assistive technology, wheelchair, mobility, older adults
LL Leanne Leclair
Occupational therapy, health promotion, disease prevention, determinants of health, primary care, community development, childhood development, community-based rehabilitation services, mixed methods, participatory research
JP Joanne Parsons
Physical therapy, sports injury prevention, youth, resistance training, primary prevention, health promotion
GR Gayle Restall
Occupational therapy, evidence-based practice, health and health care equity

Jacquie Ripat
Occupational therapy, client-centred practice, assistive technology

Barb Shay
Acute and Chronic Pain, Myofascial pain, evidence based practice, neural control in movement, acupuncture

Tony Szturm
Rehabilitation Science, Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, technology assisted rehabilitation
Patty Thille thumbnail


Patty Thille
Primary care, Interpersonal and structural forms of stigma in health care, Anti-fat stigma and discrimination, Reflexive health care


SW Sandra Webber
Accelerometry, ambulation, exercise, health promotion, mobility, older adults, osteoarthritis, physical activity, physical therapy, resistance training, sedentary behaviour, strength, walking
PW Pam Wener
Occupational therapy, interprofessional collaboration, primary care, client-centred practice