Research and Scholarship

Publications and Reports

  2014 Research Report
Exploring Service Delivery Models to Address Activity and Community Participation Needs of People Living with HIV/AIDS

Strategies for Addressing HIV/AIDS-Related Stigma Policy Brief (PDF)

Strategies for Addressing HIV/AIDS-Related Stigma (PDF)
Tool for Implementation and
Evaluation of Citizen-user

Integration of Occupational Therapy
and Physiotherapy Services in
Primary Health Care in Winnipeg

Physiotherapy and Primary Health Care: Evolving Opportunities (PDF)

OPPM & CPPF - An Interactive Guide to Clinical Decision-making
This link will take you to an on-line presentation and accompanying learning tools that describes and compares the Occupational Performance Process Model and the Canadian Practice Process Framework.

Participatory Action Research:
An educational tool for citizen-users of community mental health services

Updated February 2014