Physical Therapy Directory
Shay, Barbara
204-977-5636, R113 Med Rehab Bldg
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Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (ACCE)
Garrett, Mark
204-789-3420, R135 Med Rehab Bldg
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Chair of Admissions
Lavallée, Roland

Program Assistant
Thomas, Michelle

Department of Physical Therapy Faculty

Barclay, Ruth
204-787-2756, RR323A Respiratory Rehabilitation Hosp
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Fernandes, Melanie
204-789-3417, R116 Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg

Fricke, Moni
204-789-3814, R060 Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg
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Harvey, Elizabeth
204-977-5656, R034 Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg
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Hodges, Greg
204-789-3417, R116 Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg

Horbal, Russ
204-771-7397 |
R030 Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg
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204-977-5634, R032 Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg

Kriellaars, Dean
204-787-3505, RR303 Respiratory Rehabilitation Hosp
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Lavallée, Roland
204-781-4104, R140 Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg

MacNeil, Brian
204-977-5635, R213 Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg
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McMurray, Mike
204-789-3413, R134 Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg
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Parsons, Joanne
204-787-1019, RR355A, Respiratory Rehabilitation Hosp
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Ryan-Arbez, Nancy
204-977-5637, R133 Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg
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Schorr, Becky
204-789-3432, R032 Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg

Szturm, Tony
204-787-4794 or LAB 204-787-4603
RR319 Respiratory Rehabilitation Hosp
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Thille, Patty
(204) 789-3564, R131 Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg
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Walker, Maureen
204-977-5640, R216 Med Rehabilitation Sciences Bldg
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Webber, Sandra
204-787-1099, RR311 Respiratory Rehabilitation Hosp
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Department of Physical Therapy

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