Admissions Update
MPT Admissions Update: June 17,  2020
All 50 seats in the MPT 1 class for 2020-2021 have been confirmed. Classes for MPT 1 are expected to begin on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. If a student withdraws an acceptance prior to the start of classes the seat will be offered to the next candidate on the alternate list. Applicants not reached on the alternate list will have their applications closed after the program begins. 

MPT Admissions Update: April 14,  2020
The MPT Selections Committee has confirmed the 50 successful candidates for the 2020-2021 PT academic year along with 15 alternates.
Emails will be sent out to all applicants that attended the MMI with one of the following messages:

  • Recommended by the MPT Selections Committee to be offered a spot in the program
  • On the alternate list for a spot in the  program
  • Application was not successful

The timing of decision emails will vary. Please refrain from contacting our office to obtain your committee decision or to inquire about placement on the alternate list. Should an applicant decline a spot the next candidate on the alternate list will be notified as quickly as possible.

MPT Admissions Update: April 13,  2020
Letter Grade Requirement for the Department of Physical Therapy
We hope you are doing well and remain in good health and spirits during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Current and future applicants to the Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) Program in the College of Rehabilitation Sciences are asked to read this bulletin for important information regarding admission into the program. 
We are aware that applicants have many questions regarding the admissions process and how it will be affected by the COVID-19 situation. Every institution may be dealing with the COVID-19 situation differently as each will have their own processes and policies when it comes to assigning grades this year.  It is very important that students understand the potential implications of choosing to receive a “pass grade” on current and future applications.
The MPT Program will require graded coursework to fulfill all admission requirements outlined in the MPT Application Guide found in our admissions hub. Pass grades will not be considered for meeting any of our requirements. Should your university, University of Manitoba or another institution, retain a grade yet exclude it from your institutional GPA calculation, that grade will be used to meet admission requirements and GPA calculations for your application.
Your Grade Point Average of Prerequisite Courses and last 60 credit hour GPA will be calculated using graded courses regardless of a COVID notation.  Pass grades will not be included in GPAPC and last 60 credit hour GPA calculations. If you choose a pass grade in a course that you have repeated, we will use the original grade in the course to determine eligibility for a prerequisite requirement (minimum grade requirement of a ‘B’).  
If you require further clarification, please feel free to contact us at:

Roland Lavallée, BA, BMRPT, MClSc, FCAMPT
Chair of Admissions Committee
Department of Physical Therapy
College of Rehabilitation Sciences
Rady Faculty of Health Sciences