Physical Therapy Admissions
Calculating your GPAPC FAQs

How do I calculate my GPAPC?

The grade point average for the prerequisite courses (GPAPC) for admission into the Master of Physical Therapy program is calculated using the following formula:

Sum of prerequisite courses weighted grade points*
Total number of credit hours required through prerequisite courses


* The weighted grade point of a prerequisite course is calculated by multiplying the number of credit hours in the course by the final grade in that course, on the University of Manitoba’s grading scale of 4.5. For other Canadian institutions, see the Canadian GPA Equivalency Table.

For Example: A University of Manitoba student with the following course grades and weighted grade points would calculate his/her GPAPC as follows:

Course Title Credit Hours Letter Grade Grade Point Weighted Grade Point
Human Anatomy 3 B+ 3.5 10.5
Human Physiology 3 B 3.0 9
Biology with genetics 3 A 4.0 12
Introductory Psychology 6 B+ 3.5 21
Child Development 3 A 4.0 12
Aging 3 A+ 4.5 13.5
Statistics 3 B 3.0 9
English Literature 6 B 3.0 18
Total 30     105
GPAPC = 105/30 = 3.5

In the event the candidate has more than 30 credit hours GPAPC may be calculated on 33 or 36 credit hours depending on the courses taken (ex. combination of 6 credit hours for Anatomy and combination of 6 credit hours for Physiology).

Reviewed August 2017