MPT Code of Ethics

The University of Manitoba program in Physical Therapy graduates reflective practitioners who are prepared to meet the challenges of client-centered, evidence based practice.

 All of the following statements may apply to interaction with students, professors, colleagues, other health care professionals, clients and the client’s family and/or support system.

Professional Attitude and Behaviour
  • We will respect the rights, values, and beliefs of others.
  • We will be empathetic and compassionate.
  • We will be accountable for our actions and resulting outcomes.
  • We will value the contribution of all individuals and work collaboratively during our interactions.
  • We will uphold our professional integrity by using objective judgement and honesty.
  • We will conduct ourselves in an ethical and responsible manner.
  • We will advocate for the best possible patient/client outcome.
  • We will use effective and appropriate communication.
  • We will maintain professionalism and objectivity.
Knowledge and Skills
  • We will accurately and effectively self-evaluate and be responsible for maintaining quality of care.
  • We will practice individualized, safe and appropriate care.
  • We will integrate our academic knowledge, skills and experience into evidence-based clinical practice.
  • We will be responsible for life-long learning.
Support of the Profession

  • We will participate in the mentorship of fellow students and colleagues.
  • We will assume leadership roles in the community and as part of a patient’s health care team when warranted.
  • We will promote community health and well-being.
  • We will be committed to the promotion of the profession.
  • We will advance the art and science of physical therapy by supporting research.
    Professional Conduct
    Academic Integrity

    For more information on Academic Integrity, please refer to:

    See also:

    Use of Degree Designation

    The Faculty of Graduate Studies has been asked by the Guidelines and Policy Committee and Faculty Executive to bring forward the following matter. The Committee formerly known as the Guidelines and Policy Committee and the Faculty Executive Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies have brought forward the following matter:

    It has come to our attention that students have been using degree designations for Master’s or PhD, albeit with descriptive abbreviations, prior to their graduation.

    For example, students have been found to be placing PhD (Can) for PhD “Candidate” or PhD (ABD) for PhD “all but defended” after their names. Although it may not be intentional, it is potentially highly misleading.

    It must be clear that degree designations for a Master’s or PhD student is not allowed until the degree is conferred upon them. Any misrepresentation of a degree designation by a student will be viewed as a type of fraud.

    If a student wishes to indicate their status, they may consider using the designation “PhD Student” or “Master’s Student.”

    For more information on Academic Integrity, please refer to:


    Guidelines for the appropriate use of the Internet, electronic networking, and other forms of electronic communication.

    Please refer to for more information on this topic.

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