Lectures, labs and tutorials are generally held in these areas:

Medical Rehabilitation Building Rooms on the R000, R100 & R200 levels
Medical Services Building Rooms S210, S211 & S212
Basic Medical Sciences Building Frederic Gaspard Theatre; Theatres B, C & D; Seminar Rooms 202-219
Old Basic Sciences Building Theatres E & F
Isabel M. Stewart Building NA520, NA624, NA637
Rehabilitation Hospital RR302, RR333, RR367
Brodie Centre Neil John McLean Health Sciences Library & Clinical Learning and  Simulation Facility
Apotex Centre Theatres 071, 164 & 264;  12 Seminar Rooms (015-128)

CoRS Classroom Booking Protocol for Students
Many classrooms have card access and student cards are activated to give you access.  Spaces for study purposes for which you do not have card access may be booked by sending an email request to  which includes the following information:

• Full Name
• Academic Program Name and Year (ie. OT1)
• Reason for booking
• Date
• Start/end time (ie. 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.)
• Number of people in group
• Additional information if necessary

NOTE:  Rooms are booked according to the CoRS Classroom Booking Guideline (College of Rehabilitation Sciences
Guideline No. 205-1) available to view at R106 Reception Desk.