Classroom Protocol
Timing of Classes

CoRS classes end at 10 minutes to the hour to allow time for the students to move between classrooms.  The lecturer in consultation with the students can set the timing and length of breaks for classes greater than 50 minutes in duration.

If the lecturer is delayed in arriving for a class, students are required to wait 10 minutes past the class start time and then may leave.  If a lecturer anticipates being delayed, the individual should notify the CoRS Office Assistant at (204) 789-3897.

Cancelled classes are rescheduled whenever possible.  However, there is limited flexibility for changing classes.  If a lecturer must cancel a class, the Coordinator should be notified as much in advance as possible so that the students may be notified and alternate arrangements made.

Students are expected to attend all classes and are responsible for ensuring that the classroom is appropriately tidied after every class.  Please remind/recruit students to assist in leaving the classroom as you found it.  No food or drinks are allowed in University classrooms.

Classroom Maintenance

All teaching staff and students are expected to help to maintain classroom cleanliness and room configuration by cleaning chalk boards, placing garbage in waste containers, and returning furniture to locations posted on room configuration diagrams in each room.

The Classroom Technician carries out routine classroom maintenance on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis and cleaning staff carry out routine cleaning, however, it is important for all users to take some responsibility for maintaining CoRS space.

Taping of Lectures by Students

Students may be permitted to tape lectures under the following conditions:

a) Permission to record a lecture is sought on each occasion from the instructor giving the lecture.

b) The recording is used only for personal study purposes.

c) Recordings are not to be copied or lent to others.

d) Recording of lectures will not be used for any other purpose, including course evaluation, promotion, tenure, or disciplinary hearings, but not limited to the above examples.

e) Refusal to permit recording shall remain the prerogative of the instructor, except in the case of a student with special needs.

Visitors to Class

Visitors may be permitted to attend class if prior approval of the class instructor has been obtained.

Audio Visual Support

If not available through the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, students who require audiovisual equipment for in-class presentations at CoRS should organize this through their instructor and should go to Information Services and Technology (IST) for the arrangements, not to the CoRS Classroom Technician. Students may book laptops, portable data projectors, document cameras, etc., from IST or by calling (204) 789-3747. IST will provide orientation sessions for students.

Students can only access data projectors and cable hook-ups that are kept in audiovisual cabinets through their instructors who must sign out the equipment on K drive and ensure proper use. Phones are located in each classroom. Two lines are available; one to contact the AV department, and one to contact Security Services.

Bannatyne Campus AV hours of operation: Office 8:00 am to 4:00 pm (204) 789-3747
Technical Support 7:30 am to 3:30 pm (204) 789-3350