Clinical Community

Professional Development

Professional Development opportunities typically occur in the following areas:

Fieldwork Workshops:

    Introduction to Fieldwork Education:
    This workshop focuses on facilitating the development of skills or abilities of fieldwork educators within the profession of Occupational Therapy. This full day workshop is recommended for clinicians who have no previous experience as a fieldwork educator or for those who are interested in a refresher.
    **Each ½ day has a separate focus**:

    Morning: Introduction to the Structure and Process of Fieldwork Supervision
    This half day focuses on preparing for and completing the fieldwork supervision process from the decision to offer a placement through to the end of the placement process. Work time is included for therapists to develop placement objectives and plans.

    Afternoon: Adult Education and Fieldwork Evaluation
    The workshop will review the concepts and application of Adult Education as it applies to the role of an educator within a fieldwork setting. We will also review the principles of evaluation as they apply to fieldwork education.

Independent Study Symposium

December 6, 2011