Leanne Leclair
Leanne Leclair BA; BHSc (OT); MSc; PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Occupational Therapy

Current Research Interests

  • Examining outcomes of older adults seen by occupational therapy in the emergency department
  • Establishing occupational therapy outcomes in primary care practice
  • Exploring occupational therapists’ practice process in community development

Areas of Special Interest

  • Integration of occupational therapy into primary care
  • Occupational therapy community health practice
  • Occupational therapy in health promotion/disease prevention
  • Service learning in occupational therapy education
  • Use of theory in occupational therapy practice
  • Childhood development and early intervention
  • Community-based participatory research
  • Mixed methods research

Teaching Fields

  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Community development
  • Primary care
  • Occupational therapy process across the lifespan and problem-based learning
  • Service learning
  • Use of theory in practice


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Leclair, L. (2013). Occupational therapists in primary care and primary health care: An important contributor to the interprofessional team. Occupational Therapy Now, 15(5), 3-4.


Leanne Leclair
Address: R215 Rehab Building
Tel: 204.977.5631