Misipawistik Cree Nation

Misipawistik Cree Nation is located near Grand Rapids, Manitoba, to the North of Winnipeg. Cree culture and language reflect the foundation of the community. The community strives to create a positive as well as socially and economically beneficial environment for its people. Historically, the fur trade was very common in the community; however, currently, the community has its economic base in fisheries, trapping and forestry. Chief Harold Turner leads this community of about 870 people.

The community provides its people services such as housing and infrastructure, education, employment, training and social assistance. It boasts of facilities such as a local internet provider, credit union, insurance holding and a forestry management corporation. The members of the community also benefit from various programs, including health promotion programs, restorative justice programs, child welfare and family enhancement prevention services. The community takes care of its land, water and people. It has taken timely steps to start the programs like the Guardian program, which uses the skills and knowledge of its own people to ensure their health and safety. The administration and membership focus on supporting students, trade programs and environmental sustainability, thus aiming to improve the economic health and wellbeing of its people.

Goals Achieved Completion