Lake Manitoba First Nation (Animo-ziibiing)


Lake Manitoba First Nation (Animo-ziibiing) is located on the northeast shore of the south basin of Lake Manitoba. It is primarily a wetland reserve with a population of 875 people (1,851-registered population as per the community’s website). It is working together with five other Manitoba Interlake communities under the Interlake Reserves Tribal Council (IRTC). The community strongly believes in the holistic development of its members. It offers various services for its people such as hospitals, grocery stores and gas stations. The community is warm and friendly. The members encourage each other to create a safe, diverse environment that reflects the culture of the community.

Artist's rendering of Zaagate Garden.

Cornell Mclean is the current Chief of the community. The community is committed to provide comprehensive education to its children and has undertaken few training programs that help the youth to develop the skills and tools required to create a pathway into better careers. The core of the community lies in promoting entrepreneurship, training opportunities, implementing education initiatives, health research programs and consultation processes, on-reserve economic development and social assistance programs.

The College of Rehabilitation Sciences is currently working with the community to build Zaagate Garden, a playground that Lake Manitobawill be culturally appropriate, safe, interactive, sustainable and accessible year round by children who have accessibility challenges.

“The design is modelled after the four directions of the medicine wheel,” says Debra Beach Ducharme, director of Indigenous health integration for Ongomiizwin, the Rady Faculty’s Indigenous Institute of Health and Healing. “The decking around the arbour will be safe for children in wheelchairs, and they will access children’s activities in each of the four directions.”


Image (L): Artist's rendering of Zaagate Garden.
Image (R): Construction of Zaagate Garden is underway.


Lake Manitoba Action Plan Completion dates
Playground completion 2019


Goals Achieved Completion
Funding obtained and play structure in process of being built     2019