History of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences

The College of Rehabilitation Sciences (formally known as the School of Medical Rehabilitation) was established in September 1960 as a response by the University of Manitoba to the increasing need for occupational and physical therapists. It was founded as an academic unit within the Faculty of Medicine and was located originally in the Children's Hospital. In 1962, the School moved to the third floor of the newly completed Manitoba Rehabilitation Hospital at 800 Sherbrook Street. Since the incorporation of the Health Sciences Centre in 1972, the School has retained this location with increasing utilization of lecture, library and laboratory space on the Bannatyne Campus of the University of Manitoba, primarily located in the Medical Rehabilitation Building at 771 McDermot Avenue.

The Senate of the University of Manitoba gave approval in 1964 for extensions of the original Diploma curricula in Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy from two and one-half to three years. Optional fourth year programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Physical Therapy were approved by Senate in 1966.

In February 1976, new undergraduate programs leading to the degrees Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (Occupational Therapy) and Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (Physical Therapy) were approved by Senate in recognition of expanding roles of occupational and physical therapy in health care. The Diploma Programs were discontinued. Effective September 1989, a revised B.M.R. (O.T.) and a revised B.M.R. (P.T.) program were introduced.

In 1989 a Master of Physical Therapy program was approved and in 1992 the program was expanded to become the Master of Science (Rehabilitation) degree program, in which all other disciplines related to rehabilitation could further their research endeavors.

In 1996, the school was given 25,000 sq. feet of new space in the old Medical Library Building and a major redevelopment plan was undertaken. Phase one of the redevelopment was completed in 1998, adding five new classrooms to the school. In 2002, phases two and three were completed, adding an office and reception area, an Exercise Laboratory, an Assistive Technology Computer Laboratory, and three seminar rooms. In 2007, phase four of school space development was completed. New space on the second floor of the Medical Rehabilitation building includes three new seminar rooms, a laboratory, a conference room, new offices and a lunch preparation room.

In 2001, a program in Respiratory Therapy began in the school. Respiratory Therapy education was formerly a Diploma Program of the Health Sciences Centre. The new program introduced in 2002 is a Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (Respiratory Therapy) degree program. This program is located at 771 McDermot Avenue.

In 2003, the B.M.R. (O.T.) degree program was replaced by the Master of Occupational Therapy program. The first graduates of the M.O.T. program convocated in 2005.



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