Mohamed-Amine Choukou
Mohamed-Amine Choukou, PhD 

Assistant Professor
Department of Occupational Therapy

Research interests

  • Smart technology, independence, and quality of life
  • Development of immersive simulators for visuomotor skills training
  • Development and use of activity monitoring systems (wearables and non-wearables)
  • Assistive technology and social participation
  • Innovation and technology implementation

Current research

Mohamed-(Amine) Choukou is actively contributing to the understanding and improvement of the interaction between environmental factors and quality of life and social participation of vulnerable persons (VP) (e.g., persons with physical disability or cognitive impairment). Particularly, his research focuses on the ways smart technology and services can help VP live independently with dignity, thereby reducing caregiver burden and improving healthcare allocation/provision. Dr. Choukou’s current research program focuses on the development of smart environments that can enhance VP’s activities of daily living with minimum disruption to their lives. For that purpose, he is currently leading multidisciplinary research projects in partnership with patients, caregivers and industry and in collaboration with researchers from several other disciplines, including computer science, computer engineering, architecture and design.


Selected peer reviewed article (published in the last 5 years)  

Choukou, M.A., Best, K.L., Craven, B.C., Hitzig, S.L. Identifying and classifying quality of life tools for assessing Neurologic Bowel Dysfunction after Spinal Cord Injury. Topics in S. Cord Inj. Rehab. (In press 2018)

Choukou, M.A., Routhier, F., Lettre, J., Noreau, L., Monacelli, E., Rabreau, O., Leyrat, P.A., Coulmier, F. Becape: Skills assessment rig to driving. 1st IEEE International Symposium on Last-Mile Smart Mobility, August 24-26, 2016, Paris, France

Hirsch, P., Choukou, M.A., Bellavance, F. 2017. Transfer of Learning Basic Vehicle Control Skills from Truck Simulator to the Real World in Entry-Level Truck Driver. Transport. Res. Rec.2637: 67–73

Benjamin, D., Ahram, T., De Ru, E., Choukou, M.A., Abdi, E., Gardan, N., Constant Boyer, F., Regnault,P. Taiar, R. 2016. Comparison of FAP scores with the use of safety footwear and regular walking shoes. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, 18:6, 631-642

Choukou, M.A., Bluteau, C., Germain Robitaille, G., Simoneau, M., Lavallière, M., Moskowicz, T., Laurendeau, D., Teasdale, N. 2014. Naturalistic study of stop-controlled intersections negotiation and respect for speed limits in drivers aged 65 and over. Recherche, Transport et Securité 30:271-281

Choukou, M.A., Ghouli, S., Boyer, F.C., Taiar, R. 2014. Effects of unstable footwear on stance pattern. Journal of Biosciences and Medicines 2:20-24

Invited Book Chapters

Laffaye, G., Benguigui, N. & Choukou, M.A. (2013). Introduction to human movement science. in “Physics of sport”, pp 413-427. Les Éditions de l'École Polytechnique ParisTech ISBN 978-2-7302-1615-9

Choukou, M.A. & Laffaye, G. (2013). Contribution of Physics to athletic monitoring. In « Physics of sport », pp 445-449. Les Éditions de l'École Polytechnique ParisTech ISBN 978-2-7302-1615-9

Laffaye, G. & Choukou, M.A. (2013). Modeling human body as spring mass system to assess athletic activities. In « Physics of sport », pp 440-445. Les Éditions de l'École Polytechnique ParisTech ISBN 978-2-7302-1615-9

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Link to Media story: Research projects helping residents be more independent and staff have more peace of mind

Student Opportunities:

I am currently seeking self-motivated, hard-working candidates with relevant backgrounds to work with me towards degrees in the following programs:

Rehabilitation Sciences (M.Sc.)

Applied Health Sciences (Ph.D.)

If you are interested in research in one of my current areas, please send me your resume, transcripts, and a short statement describing your specific areas of research.

Mohamed-Amine Choukou, PhD

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