Brian MacNeil
Brian J. MacNeil, BSc (PT), PhD (Kinesiology)

Associate Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
Chair, M.Sc. Rehabilitation Program Committee
Dept. of Physical Therapy
College of Rehabilitation Sciences
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Manitoba

Research Interests

  • Human nociceptive function
    • Models of sensitization
    • Capsaicin, Menthol
    • Quantitative Sensory Testing
    • Reflex activity for assessment of central sensitization
    • Neurodynamic tests of sensitization
  • Characterization of manual manipulation techniques
    • Acceleration and forces during manipulation
    • Factors that predict acceleration and force magnitudes during manipulation
  • Neural regulation of inflammation
    • neuro-endocrine regulation of inflammation
    • effects of stress on neural and immune function
  • Effects of early life events on childhood physiology and disease
    • maternal distress and childhood asthma
    • endocrine function in children; effects of early events and asthma

Teaching Fields



Ph: (204) 977-5635

Fax: (204) 789-3927