Brian MacNeil
Brian J. MacNeil, BSc (PT), PhD (Kinesiology)

Associate Professor
Department of Physical Therapy

Research Interests

  • Human nociceptive function
    • Models of sensitization
    • Capsaicin, Menthol
    • Quantitative Sensory Testing
    • Reflex activity for assessment of central sensitization
    • Neurodynamic tests of sensitization
  • Characterization of manual manipulation techniques
    • Acceleration and forces during manipulation
    • Factors that predict acceleration and force magnitudes during manipulation
  • Neural regulation of inflammation
    • neuro-endocrine regulation of inflammation
    • effects of stress on neural and immune function
  • Effects of early life events on childhood physiology and disease
    • maternal distress and childhood asthma
    • endocrine function in children; effects of early events and asthma

Teaching Fields



Ph: (204) 977-5635

Fax: (204) 789-3927