The College of Rehabilitation Sciences has a variety of assessment and intervention tools and equipment that are used for teaching purposes. To facilitate instructor teaching and enhance student learning, as well as to prepare for examinations, many of these resources are available for students and faculty to use on a short-term loan basis. Borrowing equipment is a privilege offered to students and faculty; consequently, there is a responsibility and accountability when taking advantage of this opportunity.

CoRS instructors/faculty, in collaboration may reserve the right to restrict access to equipment during certain periods to accommodate academic needs (exam time, labs, etc.). These restrictions will be posted for faculty and students.


1.    All equipment used outside of class/lab time must be signed out. Unless otherwise determined, the loan period is three days. A fine of $2.00 per day will be charged for overdue equipment; a receipt will be issued.

2.    All equipment/resources should be obtained from and returned to the CoRS Classroom Technician – (Room R220; phone: (204) 789-3415) and will be documented by the Classroom Technician using a tracking sheet. Borrowers of equipment should ensure the documentation is accurate at the time of sign-out. Instructors will not sign out equipment on behalf of the Classroom Technician unless previous arrangements have been made with him/her.

3.    Only in the event that the Classroom Technician is not available to receive the loaned equipment, it may be returned to the CoRS receptionist in the general office. An Equipment Return Slip will be completed by either by the Educational Technician or the receptionist at the time of return and the borrower will sign that the equipment has been returned (and that the charge has been paid if overdue). The receptionist will keep a copy for her records if the equipment is returned to her and submit the original to the Classroom Technician.

4.    The Classroom Technician will follow up on all overdue equipment on the day after the equipment is due. S/he will place a completed form Equipment Loan Return Reminder with particulars of the overdue equipment in the borrower’s mail slot. When equipment is a week overdue, the Classroom Technician will ask for assistance from a Department Head.

5.    If equipment is lost or damaged, the borrower is responsible for the cost for replacement/repair.
CoRS Procedure for Sign Out of Audio Recorders /Transcription Equipment for Student Use

1.    Transcription Unit 5 is a micro-cassette audio-recorder reserved for student use only (foot pedal and headphones included).

2.    Digital Voice Recorders #34 and #35 are reserved for student use only.

3.    Transcription Kits 36 & 37 contain a foot pedal and earphones and software for use with the Digital Voice Recorders #34 and #35 and are reserved for student use only.

4.    Laptop #12 may be signed out if needed for use with transcription kits.

For students using their own desktop computers and laptops, software for DSS digital voice recorders #34 and #35, is available free of charge at NCH Software

Laptop #12 is equipped with the necessary software (Olympus DSS Player Pro for Windows).

5.    This equipment can be booked for a period of 24 hours.

6.    Advance bookings are required. The faculty member approving use of the equipment will book the required equipment on S drive at: S:/School of Medical Rehabilitation/SMR/Equipment Sign Out/Equipment Sign Out 2015. Students should be respectful of the competing needs of other students when booking this equipment, particularly at peak times.

7.    Students may pick up the reserved unit after 8:30 am from the CoRS reception desk on the da of booking.. The student will need to sign out the unit in the equipment sign-out binder which will be provided to the student through the receptionist when retrieving the equipment for the student.

8.    The equipment must be returned to the CoRS reception desk and signed back in by 8:30 am the day after pick up to ensure the next borrower has access to the equipment in a reasonable timeframe.

9.    It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment received and all expected components are included at the time of sign in/out. The cost of replacement parts or repairs is the responsibility of the student.

10.    The student is responsible for the purchase of batteries or tapes for transcription Unit #5 (if required).