Project goals

The goal of the IEGC Program is to develop a sustainable IECPCP opportunity in the context of community-based geriatric care. The ultimate goal of the IEGC program is to provide a growing number of health professionals with the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge to work collaboratively in the care of older adults. By participating in collaborative patient-centred care program, participants will contribute to improved patient and provider satisfaction and improved patient outcomes.

The desired outcomes of this initiative are

  • to produce health care professionals who possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes/behaviours to participate in IECPCP,
  • to improve health care professional and patient satisfaction, and
  • to achieve optimal health outcomes in patients.

If the IEGC Program is successful, the eventual goal for the program is to involve a greater number of community based geriatric sites and a broader scope of health care disciplines following the IEGC model.

Project objectives

The specific objectives of this project are

  • To develop and implement an interprofessional education experience in geriatric care (IEGC).
  • To promote IEGC within the University of Manitoba.
  • To identify 'champions' within each faculty with expertise/interest in interprofessional education, geriatrics and/or collaborative patient centred care who are willing to participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of IEGC and advocate for its sustainability.
  • To increase the knowledge, skills and attitudes of students, faculty and clinical preceptors in the areas of geriatric care, interprofessional collaboration and effective teaming.
  • To conduct an extensive evaluation of the IEGC experience.
  • To share the IEGC's experiences with and disseminate the project findings to participating and non-participating health faculties and organizations locally, nationally, and internationally.

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