Manitoba Science Cafe

The Manitoba Science Cafe was created in September 2006. Meetings hosted by the IEGC project and Dr. Mark Torchia, Department of Surgery, Winnipeg Regional Health Region, focus on interprofessional education, health care issues and topics.

Manitoba Science Cafe meetings

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The science cafe concept

The Manitoba Science Café concept is based on the same principles of the original Philosophers Cafés which was adapted first by the University of Leeds and then in 1998 in Leeds, UK. Since then, the Science Cafés or Café Scientifiques, have spread around the world ( The Manitoba Science Café is one of eight Canadian cafes (

At the café, a speaker leads the discussion with a short talk from and then the conversations start with questions, answers, and a general discussion posed by anyone in attendance. The Science Café is a discussion forum that gives people an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics in an informal setting.

About the Manitoba Science Cafe

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