Clinical learner domain

The Clinical Learner Domain’s (CLD) role is to identify the primary learning needs of the participating Day Hospital clinical teams and to design interprofessional educational (IPE) learning activities for clinical teams.

Achievements and successes

  • Developed and implemented a Delphi survey of clinical team members learning needs from three geriatric day hospital sites and one clinical team group
  • Collected data from survey
  • Developed a conceptual outline of education modules to address identified learning needs
  • Facilitated a session at each study site with selected team members on providing feedback
  • Developed and delivered a 60 minute education session on IPE and IPC to geriatricians
  • Presented two presentations at national conferences
  • Presented two posters at national and international conferences

Domain challenges

  • Low response rates to survey on learning needs
  • Low to poor responses by teams to offers of education
  • Arranging activities with main research project activities

Suggested improvements

  • Assess teams at each site for their readiness to learn.
  • In addition to agreements in principle to participate at each site, seek "contractual" or "charter" agreements with administration, management and staff at each site.
  • Pre-book dates and times for education at the beginning of the project.
  • Determine an appropriate communication strategy that addresses each site’s need for information and continues to promote interest in the project.