Student Competitions


We h
ear a lot about youth being uninterested in politics. Many appear turned off by campaigns, and others seem tuned out of democracy altogether. In an average election, only about one-third of Canadians aged 18 to 25 casts a ballot. Do you see this as a problem?  If so, tell us why -- and suggest how you would go about encouraging young people to VoteAnyWay.

VoteAnyWay means choosing to take part in the Manitoba election despite all of the cynicism surrounding the role of young people in politics. VoteAnyWay also means voting any way that you choose. Organized by political scientists and students at the University of Manitoba, this initiative is entirely non-partisan. (We simply want to raise the level of awareness and knowledge about politics in this province.)


Based on the theme “VoteAnyWay”, we challenge you to create a video message encouraging young Manitobans to participate in this year’s provincial election.

Video entries are due by 11:59pm CDT, September 29, 2011.  Prizes include $400 in Apple Store gift certificates for 1st Place, and $100 in Apple Store gift certificates for 2nd Place.

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