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This is a non-partisan blog aimed at raising the level of knowledge and awareness surrounding the 2011 (federal and provincial) elections in Manitoba. Contributors to this site include leading experts on Manitoba politics & elections. We welcome your non-partisan feedback.  Visit us at: http://manitobau2011.blogspot.com/

How do you decide who to vote for in government elections? Can you see past media headlines and partisan spin in order to make sense of each candidate's policies and whether they best reflect your views? Vote Compass is an online tool that helps voters make informed decisions at the polls. Its purpose is to advance electoral literacy and enhance democracy by using the Internet to facilitate political education and participation.  Visit them at: http://votecompass.ca/

Registered Political Parties in Canada:

Elections Canada
  • Voter Information Service
    • Find your electoral district
    • Who's your MP
    • See the map of your electoral district
    • Past results and profile information
  • Voter Registration
    • Description of the National Register of Electors
    • Voting by Mail While Inside or Outside Canada
    • Canadian Forces Electors
    • Verification Notice Mailings
    • Voter Registration Mailings
  • Aboriginal Voters
    • A list of material for the aboriginal communities
    • Some documents in eight aboriginal languages
  • Young Voters
    • A section for youth of all ages
    • Teachers resources
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