University of Manitoba Retirees Endowment Fund

In 2012 the University of Manitoba Retirees Endowment Fund (UMREF) was established by the University of Manitoba Retirees Association (UMRA) to recognize the contributions retirees have and continue to make to support the University’s teaching and research mission. 

The majority of retirees from the University of Manitoba have dedicated many years in its service of educating our younger generation, advancing knowledge through research that enriches our community, province, country and the world.  Following retirement, many wish to continue to support the University and its students through donations.  To provide continuing recognition of the contributions of retirees to the University, UMRA has established the University of Manitoba Retirees Endowment Fund (UMREF) as an umbrella of endowments held within the University Investment Trust (UIT).  Essentially, UMREF is designed to identify and consolidate information on endowment funds such as bursaries, scholarships and awards, held within the UIT that have and continue to be established by retirees.

This website is also designed to provide information on the various types of awards held in UIT and the kinds of donations  that donors may wish to consider. As UIT manages all the funds, links to the relevant sections of UIT are included under each section.

For general information regarding the investment policies and objectives of UIT click here.

Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®)

Is it possible to compress years of research into a meaningful three-minute presentation that uses only one visual slide?
UMRA President Ed Unrau attended the 2016 3MT® final competition on February 25 and discovered the answer is “yes.”  In about 45 minutes 12 graduate students made presentations that were as informative as they were impressive. 3MT® is a research communication competition developed by The University of Queensland in 2008 which challenges students to consolidate their ideas and research discoveries so they can be presented concisely to a non-specialist audience.  The U of M Faculty of Graduate Studies website states that participation in the 3MT® competition program is part of an overall strategy to promote our graduate students, promote research at the U of M and to connect with the community.

To view the presentations click here