Retirees' News: September 2002

The University of Manitoba Retirees' News
Volume Six, Issue Two
September 2002

It is Gathering Time Again

This has been a summer marked with wide fluctuations. Whether we are talking about the weather, the mosquitoes, the water level of the Red River, the economy, or the political scene, nothing has remained the same for long. So we have a lot of things to share with our fellow retirees. One way to do this is by attending the President’s Reception for Retirees on Saturday, October 19th. We are returning to the Bannatyne Campus and the Brodie Centre for the event. There is plenty of parking in Parking Lot E, which is just west of the Dentistry Building. The reception begins at 2:00 p.m.

As retirees, we are aware of our need to take medication as we age. In doing so, some of us have noticed that what has worked well for us in the past does not seem to be as effective now. Why? Then there are those conflicting reports in the media about the efficacy of what has been considered to be best therapeutic treatment, such as hormone replacement. Who to believe? And what about the new medications being extensively promoted to meet our ailments. How much better are they than what we have taken in the past? To help us better understand what is happening; we have invited Dr. Ruby Grymonpre, Professor, in the Faculty of Pharmacy, to speak with us on the topic “Challenges with Drug Use by Older Persons”. You will find her presentation most informative, with plenty of time for her to respond to your questions.

So much has taken place at the University since our meeting in April. Right after Ruby’s presentation, Mike McAdam, Vice-President, Administration will highlight what has occurred and what lies ahead. As October is United Way month, Norm Long will talk about this year’s campaign. John Mundie will bring us up to date with regard to the formation of a national association of university retiree organizations and where we are with respect to retiree benefits.

After the formal part of the program is over, we will have our reception in the atrium of the Brodie Centre. So put a circle around October 19th on your calendar and come out to the 12th President’s Reception for Retirees. Don’t forget spouses and survivors of retirees are most welcome to attend. Please RSVP by October 11th by calling 474-8359 or e-mail

Interested in Elections?

Several retirees have served as enumerators, deputy returning officers and polling clerks in various elections. They have enjoyed the experience of being there at election time. If you are interested in being involved, and getting paid at the same time, Elections Manitoba would like to hear from you. You can get complete details of the positions available by going to their website at Or you can call 945-3225 in the Winnipeg area and 1-800-282-8069, extension 3225, outside Winnipeg. Elections Manitoba is a non-partisan office responsible for conducting fair and impartial elections and referendums.

For those retirees living in a province or territory outside of Manitoba, similar opportunities are available to you. For information about federal, provincial or territorial elections check the Government Listings in your telephone book.

125th Anniversary Celebrations

The University continues to celebrate its 125th Anniversary. One of the things you might have noticed in the Winnipeg area is the banners hanging from the lamp standards. The display at the Winnipeg International Airport is particularly impressive.

On Wednesday, October 9th, the first of the Sol Kanee Lectures will be presented in the Investors Group Athletic Centre. The opening lecture will be presented by His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. His lecture is entitled “From a Culture of Participation to a Culture of Peace”. This event is co-sponsored by the 125th Anniversary Committee of the University of Manitoba and the Arthur Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice. It begins at 2:00 p.m. The Sol Kanee Lectures Series is sponsored by the Richardson Foundation Inc.

There will be a gala concert featuring the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and members of the University on Saturday, November 23rd, at the Centennial Concert Hall. If you are a season ticket holder, you will be able to exchange one of your tickets for this concert. A reception will be held after the concert for invited guests. More information will be available when plans are finalized.

To learn more about the anniversary celebrations, look for information in the Bulletin or check the website listed on the University’s Home Page at

Are you taking advantage of all of the benefits available to you?

While most retirees know about supplementary health and dental benefits, it appears that many are unaware as to what other benefits are available to retirees. Here is a list.

The University of Manitoba Bulletin – This available to all retirees regardless of where you live. If you are not receiving a copy, please write to University of Manitoba Bulletin, 136 Services Building, 97 Dafoe Road, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2. You can also see the Bulletin online at

Retired Staff Identification Card – This card is particularly important for those retirees and their spouses living in the Greater Winnipeg Area who wish to access services at the University. If you are eligible for retired staff health and dental benefits you also are eligible for this Card. It enables you to make use of the athletic facilities on both campuses, the University Libraries and computer services. You should contact the ID Centre, 4th floor, University Centre during regular office hours. The phone number is 474-9428.

University of Manitoba Libraries – You can access the services of the Libraries at no charge if you have a Retired Staff Identification Card. Talk with a librarian on the circulation desk at any library location. There are some restrictions as to what is available to you as a retiree versus a full-time employee.

Athletic Facilities – The athletic facilities at the Frank Kennedy Centre and the Brodie Centre are available at very little cost. All you pay for are your locker and towels. Also, there are programs for those 55 and over during the regular term. For information, call 474-8234 during regular office hours. You will need your Identification Card in order to obtain a User Card.

Computer Services – As a retiree you are eligible to have a computer account. This account enables you to have access to the University system from your home and to have access to the Internet. You are provided with 30 hours of access per month at no charge. Beyond that, there is a charge. To set up an account, please contact Ms Shirley Hares, Computer Accounts Administrator, at 474-9788. Or you can reach her at You will need your ID number.

Medication Information Line for the Elderly – While this service is available to all citizens in Manitoba, it will be of particular interest to retirees of the University. Provided by the Faculty of Pharmacy, you can obtain information regarding the use of prescription and nonprescription medications by calling 474-6493 or 261-3111 in Winnipeg or 1-800-432-3111 extension 6493 in Manitoba.

Credit Courses at the University – While not exclusively available to retirees, you can register for undergraduate credit courses. If you are 65 or older, there are no fees. If you are between age 55 and 65, you can apply for a course refund if you successfully complete the course. Call the Admissions Office at 474-8808 to enquire about being admitted. In case you have some doubts about what is involved, talk with someone at the Learning Assistance Centre at 474-9251. Also check out the University Home Page and click on to Admissions.

October is United Way Month

The United Way Campaign at the University gets underway on October 9th. As in the past, retirees are expected to be significant contributors to this event. The objective for our group has been set at $57,500, which is 17.5% of the University’s target of $328,000. Again Norm Long is heading up the retiree portion of the Campaign. Please look for his letter inviting your participation. Remember, you do make a difference in our community through your participation.

College and University Retiree Associations of Canada (CURAC)

On May 31st, representatives from 19 retiree associations affiliated with universities and colleges in Canada met in Toronto to consider the establishment of a national organization of retiree associations. Much of the day was spent in deliberating whether such an organization is desirable and, if so, how it might be established. While it was agreed that it would be beneficial to have such an organization, it was thought best to have a steering committee work on the details regarding its formation before making a final decision.

It is envisioned that one of the main purposes of the organization will be to provide a communication network among retiree associations at universities and colleges across Canada. To facilitate this, liaison persons have been named for various regions in the country. For example, John Mundie has been asked to work with our University, Lakehead University, the University of Winnipeg, Brandon University, the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan. A second purpose will be to determine what could be called “best practices”. In order to do so, a survey will be undertaken to learn what benefits and programs are available for retirees at universities. A third purpose will be to undertake research into the needs of retirees and to work with other organizations on issues of common interest.

There will be a meeting next May in Halifax to review the work of the steering committee and make a final decision as to the feasibility of making CURAC a reality.

If you would like more information about what took place at the meeting, go to (University of Toronto’s retiree website) and click on CAERA Conference, which is located in upper left hand corner on the home page.

Planning ahead

With the busy schedules that retirees have, we thought it best to provide you with the date of the President’s Reception for Spring 2003. It is Saturday, April 19th.

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