Membership in UMRA is open to all retirees of the University and their spouse/partner. There are two membership categories:  Member and Associate Member.  The differences between the two categories are as follows:

1. Members pay a fee which supports the operations of the Association; Associate Members do not pay a fee.
2.  Only Members can participate in the governance of the Association, e.g., voting in elections and serving as voting members of the Executive Committee.
3.  Members can receive in-home computer support services provided by graduate students in Computer Science.
4.  Members can take advantage of other benefits as they become available, such as U of M Bookstore discount coupons.

If you wish to join UMRA you can print your own Application for New Membership form. You can also obtain the application form by contacting UMRA by email at, by phone at 204-474-7175, or by writing to us,  c/o Learning & Organizational Development, 137 Education Building, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2.

A copy of UMRA's Membership List can be found here.  Please notify UMRA of any Membership List errors or omissions by sending an email to

The Use of Personal Information

Signing the membership form is your consent for UMRA to collect information that will be used to correspond with you by mail, telephone or e-mail. UMRA will use the information solely for the purpose of communicating with its members. The information will not be provided to any other organization for any reason except for the mass mailing of a publication. The organization doing our mailing shall guarantee the list will be kept confidential. For more information about the Association's Privacy Policy visit our website by clicking on the link or contact the UMRA office.