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This page provides information regarding the President's Receptions from 2006 to the present year and information about other activities and events our retirees participate in.


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An excursion to the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada is currently in the planning stages. The date is Tuesday, July 11. The impetus for this excursion is that the museum is featuring an exhibit of model airplanes from the personal collection of Ostap Hawaleshka, who retired from mechanical engineering. The models in this exhibit are of airplanes designed and manufactured by the Antonov Aircraft Design Bureau in Kyviv, Ukraine. Antonov is a major player in international aviation manufacture; in fact, one of the larger Antonov airplanes makes regular visits to Winnipeg. Dr. Hawaleshka will be part of the museum excursion to talk about his models and the Antonov manufacturing enterprise. In addition, there will be a museum guide to take us on a tour of the rest of the museum. Stand by for details.