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In Memoriam has been created to keep UMRA members and other interested individuals informed of the passing of retired employees of the University of Manitoba.  The page will be periodically updated.  Information regarding deceased retired employees not listed is welcome.  Please e-mail to UMRA mailto:mailto:retirees@cc.umanitoba.ca

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Bell, Charles Leslie (Dinger):
Zoo/Psychology Department, Joined the University in 1961, Retired 1992, Deceased 09/14/2009 (Obituary)

Klos, George:
Physical Plant, Deceased 08/29/2009 (Obituary)

Anema, Peter Klaas:
Plant Sciences, Deceased 08/19/2009 (Obituary

Layman, Lewis Magnus:
Department of English, Joined the University in 1961 until 1965, Returned 1968, Retired 1998, Deceased 08/15/2009 (Obituary)

Hoffman-Mokanyk-Klymkiw, Anne Elizabeth:
Faculty of Education, Joined the University in 1969, Retired 1979, Deceased 08/12/2009 (Obituary

Willms, Helen Joyce:
Admissions Office, Joined the University in 1980, Retired 1997, Deceased 07/30/2009 (Obituary)

Henderson, Ross:
I.H. Asper School of Business (Formerly School of Commerce), Joined the University in 1969, Retired 1993, Deceased 07/26/2009 (Obituary)

Patterson, Reginald Allan:
I.H. Asper School of Business (formerly Faculty of Administrative Studies and Faculty of Management) Joined the University in 1974, Retired 1988, Deceased 07/23/2009 (Obituary

Elyshen, Helen Annastacia:
Food Services, Retired 1988, Deceased 07/20/2009 (Obituary)

Azad, Ram Singhasan:
Faculty of Engineering, Worked at the University 35 years, Deceased 07/15/2009 (Obituary)

McGinnis, Robert Cameron:
Plant Science, Joined the University in 1960 until 1975, Joined the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences in 1979 Retired 1989, Deceased 07/05/2009 (Obituary)


Wilson, H D Bruce:
Geology, Retired 1981, Deceased 07/04/2009 (Obituary)

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