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Now that's what I call keeping the kids in line! (June 6, 2014 Manitoba)

Description: I have observed for the last 20 years geese on this pond but never seen such a number of goslings taken care by two geese. (Gunter Baureiss)


Hey, was it something I said?? by Janice Mann

Description:  This picture was taken at the Sheep & Goat Unit at California State University, Chico.  While visiting family in Chico in June we went on a tour of the University with my niece-in-law Professor Dr Celina Phillips as our tour guide.

Ft Whyte Tipis By Mora Gregg March 2012


Lac du Bonnet

Lac du Bonnet by Janice Mann

Description:  This sunset was captured on an evening in May, 2008 from my dock in Lac du Bonnet.  The sky was grey but the sun broke through the clouds just long enough to give us this lovely sunset!

"Cycling on the Edge" Photography by Maureen Johnson

Description:  Elizabeth Fraser (a UM retiree now living in BC) was visiting me and we went to tour The Forks in Winnipeg on a beautiful day in June.  We suddenly noticed this unicyclist coming toward us on the ledge of the wall. I waited for him to get to the right spot for the photo and thankfully he stayed upright until I captured it.  He made a safe dismount a few seconds later. I thought the Basilica and the St. Boniface Hospital made a great background for the image. 


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