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November 22, 2018

  • The October President’s Retiree Reception was well attended and included three speakers, including President Barnard, Dr. Rockman-Greenberg (invited guest speaker), and a United Way of Winnipeg representative.  The audience was appreciative of the presentations.  
  • The endowed UMRA Undergraduate Bursary Fund received acknowledgement from External Relations of its bursary that was awarded to a deserving recipient.  The endowed Postgraduate Scholarship Fund sponsored by UMRA is still considerably below the value needed to start granting an Award.  The Executive Committee voted unanimously to donate $2500 this year from the UMRA membership fees collected to the endowed Postgraduate Scholarship Fund.
  • The Benefits and Pensions Committee provided their analysis of the changes to the Supplementary Health Insurance Program that occurred as of July 2018.  A summary of their findings is posted to the UMRA website for the benefit of University retirees who are Plan participants.
  • Due to computer scams, the Executive Committee has taken the decision to remove all phone numbers and email addresses from the UMRA website, excepting for the email address for general email communication with UMRA, and the phone number to our voicemail box. 
  • University retirees continue to give generously to the United Way campaign.
  • Ed Unrau (Past President) will be searching for volunteers to serve on the Executive Committee as current members complete their terms in 2018-19.  Interested persons are encouraged to contact Ed if they wish to serve in the governance of UMRA.
  • UMRA continues to provide excellent stewardship of its available resources, and to allocate them in a way that benefits its membership and maximizes its visibility in the greater University community.