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May 12, 2016

  • University-sponsored email addresses: The issue of university-sponsored emails is coming to a close. We have received 243 emails to date (a mixture of original emails and responses to these contact) of which 200 were considered individual contacts about the possibility of keeping the current email system. Many of the emails were from IT support staff. The university’s initial position was to allow academic retirees with a post-retirement appointment to continue with full email service, and to provide all other academic retirees with a lifetime email forwarding service. Support staff retirees would be migrated to a new university-sponsored email environment, but without any forwarding service. The issue was ultimately decided by the president and vice-presidents, who decided that academic retirees with post-retirement appointment would retain their staff-status-email addresses, and that there would be no forwarding service for any other retirees. Instead, retirees in this latter category will have a one-time message attached to their “old” UofM email address advising senders of their new address; this service will be in place for one year. There is now an urgent need for retirees to move from the old email environment to the new environment if they have not done so already; the “old” service is to be turned off in mid-June.
  • United Way: Since Brian MacPherson has decided to step down as the retiree representative appointed by UMRA, there was a discussion as to whether we needed to recruit a retiree representative to replace him, or should we let the university find its own representative. Brian MacPherson stated that the history of the position was interesting in that John Mundie was the first retiree representative. Brian was asked in later years by the UMRA to take this task on but he was also asked by the university so it was a nebulous arrangement. Brian also noted there were some concerns with the fund raising process this past year e.g. no return envelope sent with package and timing of event constrained by the university’s plan to launch its own major fund raising effort (the Front and Centre campaign). Ed Unrau has a meeting scheduled with Mark O’Reilly and he will bring this matter up. It was noted that the UMRA by-laws state that the retiree United Way representative is an ex-officio of the UMRA executive committee and so this should be kept in mind if the university chooses the representative. The executive committee thanked Brian for all of his time and work in this
  • Membership:  We currently have 695 members in UMRA. Of the new members, 23 of them have retired in the last 5 years. Of the total membership, 51% hold a lifetime or annual membership and 49% are associate members. It was noted that it has been cost effective to mail out a reminder to the annual members about renewing their membership. There was some interest in knowing how many of our members now live in B.C. A very brief discussion was had about raising themembership fees but it was suggested that first there had to be discussion about the need for an increase and a plan for how the money would be utilized.