Executive & Other Committees


 Executive Committee:  

Dan Sitar

Janet Sealey

Ed Unrau
Past President

Dennis Cooley

June LaRonde

Note: The President
(Dan Sitar) is
an ex-officio
member of all
other committees.

Ex-officio Members Members at Large

Gene Walz - Chair, Communications Committee
Jean Paterson -Chair, Membership Committee

Ab Chudley
Marjorie Doyle
Connie LeBlanc
Jay Goldstein
Ken Mount

Benefits and Pensions Committee  

Ken Mount (Chair)

George Baldwin
Dick Johnson

Nora Losey
John Mundie
Janet Sealey
Murray Singer
June Stewart

Communications Committee  
Gene Walz (Chair)

Gene Walz (Editor: Retirees' News)
Janice Mann (Webmaster)

Ernie Bridges
Bruce Johnston
Bob Talbot
Membership Committee  
Jean Paterson (Chair)
Jay Goldstein
Connie LeBlanc
Gladys Stewart
 Nominating Committee  
Ed Unrau (Chair)
Marjorie Doyle
Connie LeBlanc
 Endowment Fund Committee  

Ed Unrau ( Chair)

Monica Carlberg (Donor Relations, University of Manitoba)

Marilyn Klimczak
Janice Mann
Peri Venkatesh
Jean Zushman

 United Way Retiree Campaign  

Dan Sitar 

 UMRA's Privacy Officer  

Art Braid

UMRA Contact with the University of Manitoba   
Mark O'Riley
Director of Learning & Organizational Development

Updated:  November 29, 2018

Up-Coming Meetings:

The next meeting of the Executive Committee is September 26, 2019, at 9:30 a.m. in the Boardroom, U of M Faculty Assoc., 100-29 Dysart Road.

The next meeting of the Communications Committee is scheduled for Thursday, July 18, 2019 at 9:30 a.m. in the Boardroom, U of M Faculty Assoc., 100-29 Dysart Road.