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Natural Systems Agriculture

NEW! Notes from the Field - May 28, 2016
Martin Entz's thoughts on no-till organic flax.

Welcome! The Natural Systems Agriculture website is produced by Martin Entz and his research team at the University of Manitoba. We work on sustainable agricultural systems as a team of researchers, students, technicians, farmers, and interested citizens.

Natural Systems Agriculture explores cropping systems based on processes found in nature - specifically the natural grassland ecosystem of prairie Canada. Critical elements of an agricultural system based on natural processes are perenniality, diversity and animal integration. Native prairie ecosystems contain a great diversity of mostly perennial plants and historically included herds of grazing bison. These are important considerations in the quest to develop agricultural systems that mimic natural systems.

Topics in Natural Systems Agriculture

Within each of the following topics, you will find articles based on research carried out by the University of Manitoba and our collaborators. For a complete alphabetical list of all articles, please see the Site Map.

2016 Research Projects

We have many exciting projects in store for 2016. Please check back for updates.

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