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The 39th Annual LCMND Conference
(Linguistic Circle of Manitoba & North Dakota)

October 25 & 26, 1996

at the
Marlborough Hotel

hosted by the
University of Manitoba

1996 LCMND President Dr. Gaby Divay's
videotaped Dinner Address
"Grove's Bonanza Farm in the Dakotas"

NOTE: Due to the Great Red River Flood of 1997,
volume 36 of the Circle's 1996 Proceedings was not published until 1999,
& then in rather incomplete form, containing only 11 of the 36 papers

  1. Sinclair Ross's 'As for Me and My House' in five decades of criticism / Chandice Johnson, Jr., NDSU.
  2. Le Telephone [par Gabrielle Roy]: une nouvelle tragique, comique, polyphonique / Vincent L. Schonberger, Lakehead University, Thunderbay, Ont.
  3. The nature of love in Robert Kroetsch's 'Alibi' and John Fowles's 'Mantissa' / Sue Matheson, UM.
  4. 'Le Dieu Cache' [par Aime Cesaire] dans 'Texaco' de Patrick Chamoiseau / Joseph Nnadi, UW.
  5. Illustrations d'analyse statistique dans l'oeuvre de Gary Romain / Vina Tirvengadum, UM.
  6. Redecouvrons Alexandra David-Neel / Andre Lebugle, UND.
  7. Seat in the saddle, nose in the book: what travelers read [Robert Byron, 1905-1941, etc] / Marielle Risse, UND.
  8. Joyce's 'Dubliners': emblems of unity (Eveline, Clay, Kathleen Houlihan) / Ben Collins, UND.
  9. Questions of interest in Samuel Johnson's 'Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland' / Eric Furuseth, Minot SU.
  10. The subtleties of knowing: the language of power / Karen Malcolm, UW.
  11. Electronic discourse: panoptic internet search engines / Mark Foster, UND.
  12. Thinking critically about critical thinking / Stephen Dilks, UND.
  13. La peinture et l'artiste dans le roman du XVIIe siecle / Sante A. Viselli, UW.
  14. Object of desire and desiring object in Prosper Merimee's 'La Venus d'Ille' / Sherrie Fleshman, UND.
  15. The serpent in the garden: biblical allusions in Gide's 'La Symphonie Pastorale' / Harold J. Smith, Minot SU.
  16. The worth of "labour" and "pley": point of view in Chaucer's 'Merchant's Tale' / Muriel Brown, NDSU.
  17. Chaucer's orality: fictionalized or functional? / Joyce Coleman, UND
  18. Coleridge, the anti-feminist? / Murray J. Evans, UW.

    Devonshire, Marlborough Hotel
    Fr, Oct 25, 1996

    Presidential Dinner Address
    A Bonanza Farm in the Dakotas:

    FPG (Greve/Grove) in Amenia, near Fargo, in 1912
    Gaby Divay, UM
    [videotaped by UM Educational Support Services]

  20. Louise Erdrich's 'Scarlet Letter': continuity in 'Tales of Burning Love' / Tom Matchie, NDSU.
  21. Recipes imbedded in fiction as narrative device / Traci M. Kelly, UND.
  22. Emma Mott's 'Wants and Recommendations' / William Archibald, UND.
  23. In praise of Petrarch: Lope de Vega's 'El Caballero de Olmedo' / Gene DuBois, UND.
  24. The "now" and movement in the language of Clarice Lispector / Ines Shaw, NDSU
    [abstract title: Linguistic gender, grammatical gender, & sex identity: historical & contemporary views].
  25. Movies and mock encomia: Cabrera Infante's film obituaries / Ken Hall, UND.
  26. Music and lyrics by Ivor Gurney / Mark Brown, Jamestown College, ND.
  27. Marguerite Duras and Philippe Leroux: interrelations between text and music / Mary Johnson, Moorhead, Minn.
  28. Musical autobiography in the 19th century: Vaclav Jan Tomasek / Linwood DeLong, UW.
  29. The most influential poet we don't have: Philetas of Cos, a Hellenistic poet-scholar / Iain McDougall, UW.
  30. Seneca's 'Oedipus' on the stage / John Gahan, UM.
  31. On the nature of signs [semiotics]: the semantic nature of language / Donald Poochigian, UND.
  32. The resistible rise of Arturo Ui: what is "resistible" in Brecht's play? / Andrew Trump, NDSU.
  33. Georg Herwegh's reception, and the battle for the German cultural heritage / Robert G. Uebel, NDSU.
  34. Visual Art as metaphor in the composition of Sonia Eckhardt-Gramatte / Paul von Wichert, UM.
  35. Revision: transforming Self and text / Joan Latcaw, NDSU.
  36. Student writers and academic discourse: problems and issues / Lena McCourtie, UW.
  37. Researching gender patterns in narrative writing: are examples evidence? / Jacqueline McLeod Rogers, UW.


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