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How do I enter the National Poster competition?
You must be selected by your Faculty for participation in the CIHR National Poster Competition - please contact your Associate Dean of Graduate studies to be considered for selection. Students from Manitoba are selected from the participants in the Manitoba Poster Competition.

What size will the poster boards be?
The poster boards are four feet high by four feet wide (4' x 4'). You may attach your posters with tacks or velcro (not provided).

Will there be internet access at the forum?
Yes, participants will be able to access their wireless using Eduroam.

What is Eduroam?
Eduroam (education roaming) is a roaming wireless access service developed for the international research and education community. It allows students, faculty and staff from participating institutions to securely access the Internet when visiting other participating institutions using their home credentials.

How to use Eduroam?
Please visit the Eduroam website for instructions on how to get set up.

What's the catch… how can all this good stuff really be free?
Our sponsors, and most notably the CIHR, know the importance of recognizing excellent research trainees in the Health Sciences, providing a venue for their interaction and making it accessible. Please thank them for their valuable support (without it, this would not be possible)!

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Is there a limit to how long my Abstract can be?
Abstracts must be no longer than 1 typed page or 350 words. This should be submitted through the
MB application form or the CIHR Application form. Please paste your abstract on the form, and email a formatted PDF copy to srforum@umanitoba.ca.

Is there a specific format the abstract must follow? 

Please follow example of sample formatting below*:

Quantitative Proteomic Analysis of Reovirus-Infected Cells

Alicia R. Berard1, 2, John P. Cortens2, Oleg Krokhin2, Alberto Severini1, 3, Kevin M. Coombs1, 2
1University of Manitoba, 2John Buhler Research Centre, 3National Microbiology Laboratory, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Introduction: Lacking independent metabolism, viruses require a host cell to provide necessary components for replication…
Methods: The SILAC method allows for a more complete determination of the cell's proteome. 293 cells were adapted into different SILAC media and infected with the TIL strain of reovirus at MOI of 7 PFU/cell. Infected cells were harvested…
Results: The 2-D LC/MS method identified 3001 and 3079 proteins, respectively, from the 6 and 24hpi T1Linfected samples – approximately 3-fold more than were identified by the SDS-PAGE method. 356 proteins were found to be…
Conclusion: SILAC is an effective way of generating an overview of the host cell and viral interactions, which can lead to particular host cell pathways that are spe…

*Please do not use "all caps" or other auto-formatting techniques such as footnotes.

Major Awards (MB Students only)

Who is eligible for a Major Award?
 - all applicants must be registered at the University of Manitoba in the College of Medicine;
 - all applicants must have been or are currently registered in the current year. (the current academic year of the deadline);
 - both M.Sc. and Ph.D. students are eligible.

How do I apply for a Major Award?
Major Awards are restricted to Manitoba students. Please download and complete the application form by the deadline date indicated. Please ensure your thesis abstract is a separate document.

Regarding Publications: Please provide a list of publications and your specific contribution to each paper, as well as a copy of the first page of each publication with the title and author's name.

Regarding Letters of Reference: The letters should be sent directly to the Chair of the Major Awards Committee in a sealed envelope, when this is not possible a PDF copy of the letter will be accepted if emailed directly from the Referee to srforum@umanitoba.ca.

How do I apply for the Drewry Award?
The Drewry awardee is chosen from amongst the Major Award winners. Applicants for a Major Award will automatically be eligible for consideration for the Drewry.

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